6 Simple Steps To Optimize Your Bedroom For Better Sleep

At least four in every ten people have some form of insomnia which makes it hard for them to sleep every single night or occasionally. Insomnia is a common sleep disorder, and there are many things that you can do to deal with it. They include things like making lifestyles changes, changing your diet, exercising and taking herbal teas. But, what most people do not know is that your sleeping environment also matters a lot.

Making some changes in your bedroom can have an immense difference on your ability to sleep. And so as you work on other things that can help you deal with your sleeplessness you should never forget about your bedroom. Here are the simple things that you can do to optimize your bedroom for better sleep.

1. Paint Your Walls​

Optimize your Bedroom for Better Sleep

If you want long term solutions for your sleep problem, you should start by making some significant changes to your sleeping chambers. Key among them should be to repaint the walls to a cool shade that is helpful for sleep.

The National Sleep Foundation (USA) recommends painting the bedroom walls with muted blue shades because they are the most calming. These colors will have a soothing effect on both your moods and mind which will help you fall asleep faster. Other shades like neutral silver or gray will also work well. And if you do not have the time or resources to paint the walls, wallpapers are also an excellent alternative.

2. Keep The Temperature Right​

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Even if you have the best mattress and bed, or you have a spotless sleeping chamber, you will not sleep well if the temperature is not right. And so as you try to figure out how to organize your room you should never forget about the warmth. According to most experts, the optimal temperature for sleep should be between 60 and 72 degrees (Fahrenheit) which you can achieve with a good air conditioner quickly.

If you do not want to invest in a separate air conditioner for your bedroom, you can go for cheaper alternatives like ceiling fans or even leaving the bedroom window open as you sleep. However, the ideal temperature for sleep will also vary from one person to the other because some will prefer warm rooms while for others cold ones are the most comfortable.

3. Follow The Feng Shui Philosophy To Optimize Your Bedroom​

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There are many bedroom organization ideas that you can use to make the chamber conducive to sleep, but most experts will always recommend using the Feng Shui Philosophy. Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art of placement that entails placing objects in a manner that maximizes the flow of spiritual energy, invites happiness, promotes health and improves the sense of security. Incorporating this philosophy in your sleep chamber will require you to have an open mind, and it is all about creating some balance and harmony in the room.

There are many things that you can do with this philosophy, but one of the first ones will always involve decluttering the sleeping area. You will also need to do other things like proper bed placement which entails having the bed in a place where it does not block the windows or door and where you can see anyone entering the room.

4. Minimize The Noise​

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Noise is one of the main obstacles that you will face when organizing your bedroom but is still possible to deal with it and do it optimally. The first step should be to address the noise from the items inside the room. To do this, you should avoid having electronic devices in your sleeping chamber because the noise that they will create may keep you awake.

The next step is to deal with the noise emanating from outside, and for this, you will need to get a little inventive. You should arrange the furniture in the room well because this ensures that the fittings can absorb most of the noise and then cover the small gaps in your window and door that allow noise to enter the chamber. Also, it might be necessary to use some thick rugs and carpets to block out the sounds that might be coming from the rooms or house below your sleeping chamber. And using the best earplugs for sleeping or best headphones for sleeping is the best idea to proof the noise.

5. Optimize The Bedroom Light​

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Research shows exposure to light before and during sleep can interfere with your cardiac rhythm and hence make it harder for you to fall asleep. And this is more so when you expose yourself to the blue light which is what you get from TV’s, tablets, smartphones and other electronic devices.

To make sure that blue light does not interfere with your sleep you should limit the use of these devices before bed and also ensure that you do not leave them in a state where they continue to produce light as you sleep.

However, you should not block out all light because sunlight is beneficial to sleep as it acts as a natural alarm clock that lets the body know when to wake up, and the absences of it will send some message to the brain that it is time to sleep. Also, having a best night light is an excellent idea because the soft light that it produces can help you fall asleep faster. The night light is also beneficial when you have to wake up at night because it will eliminate the need to switch on the bright lights.

6. Make Your Bed Comfortable​

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There are no bedroom organization ideas that will not include making your bed comfortable because it affects your ability to fall asleep. The bed is an essential feature of your sleeping chamber, and so you have to make sure that it has a high-quality and comfortable mattress. Also, you do not have to invest in a new and expensive mattress because there is always the option of going for a topper or cooling/ heated mattress pad. And the good thing about toppers and pads is that you can get some modern ones that have features to cool or warm your bed.

Apart from having a comfortable mattress you also need some nice pillows. (We have buying guide about Best Buckwheat Pillow if you want to take a look). No one headrest works for everyone because it all depends on personal preference. However, the golden rules should always be to go for those that are supportive and breathable enough. Some silky bed sheets and something comfortable like a comforter or blanket to cover up your body as you sleep are also vital for making the bed comfortable.


Sleep is essential for the survival of any human being, and lack of enough of it comes with some severe health consequences. Failure to get adequate rest means you will have an increased likelihood of getting heart disease, and it will also affect your brain performance. Knowing how to organize your room is an excellent starting point when dealing with insomnia. The six points above will give you some easy ideas on how to do it.​

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  • Updated February 28, 2017

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