Beans72 Organic Buckwheat Pillow Review

If you are hunting for the best buckwheat pillow, you should consider the Beans72 Organic Buckwheat Pillow. The Beans72 is a comfortable buckwheat pillow that will help to ensure that you never have to wake up with stiff muscles and aching neck or back.

It uses some organic buckwheat fillings that are very comfortable for all sleep positions. And they come in a natural and unbleached cotton case that is also soft and comfortable. The cover also features a zipper for easy filling or emptying of the hulls. You can get the pillow in four different sizes that include the Japanese and King sizes.

Features and Benefits​

Beans72 Organic Buckwheat Pillow


  • Filling: The Beans72 uses some US-grown and organic buckwheat hulls for the pillow filling. These high-quality buckwheat husks make the pillow very comfortable and will also remain in good shape for a long time. They are also easy to dry if they get wet accidentally.
  • Case: The case is unbleached 100% organic cotton that is not only soft and comfortable but also very durable. It is also easy to clean which makes the pillow easy to maintain.
  • Size: It is available in different sizes to ensure that you can get something suitable for your bed. And they include Japanese that is 14x20 and the 20x36 king size.
  • Weight: Depending on the size that you pick the pillow will weigh at least 4 pounds which is still relatively light compared to similar ones on the market.
  • Zipper: There is a small zipper on the case that makes it easy to empty the hulls for cleaning. This zipper also comes in handy when you want to add or remove some of the husks.


  • The filling is 100% organic buckwheat.
  • It uses a soft cotton case that is also natural and unbleached
  • This pillow cools off quickly as the hulls provide efficient air circulation.
  • You do not need to keep fluffing it out as it conforms to your neck and spine perfectly.
  • Using this buckwheat pillow can help to relieve headaches and other problems like tension and stiff neck.
  • The case has a zipper that makes it easy to remove or add the buckwheat hulls.
  • It is one of the most affordable buckwheat pillows out there.
  • Since the case is also of a high-quality cotton material, this will be a very durable pillow.


  • It has a slight but still annoying odor when you get it.
  • The pillow is bigger and heavier than what some users expect.
  • There are also a few customer criticisms about the buckwheat hulls being noisy when you move the head.
  • The filling might be too much for some individuals.


If you wake up with a stiff neck, headache or muscle pain, you need to switch to a buckwheat pillow as it can help to solve these problems. The Beans72 is an excellent pick for your buckwheat pillow as it not only guarantees maximum comfort, but it is also very comfortable. Everything from the hulls to the case is organic, and so you can always be sure that you are using a safe product.

Since the case also comes with a zipper, you can add or remove some of the fillings from the pillow to make it more comfortable for your favorite sleep positions. Although there are some shortcomings such as the slight odor when you get it, this is still one of the best buckwheat pillows. And it will help you enjoy some restorative and restful sleep every night.​

  • Jane
  • October 13, 2017

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