Best Night Light – Is It A Good Idea For Your Sleep?

A night light just as the name suggest is a unique type of light that you leave on as you sleep. This fantastic light produces a soft glow that illuminates the room as you sleep without preventing you from falling asleep. Different individuals will have the lights for various purposes with the most common ones being to allow parents to see their infants as they sleep or comfort kids that are afraid of sleeping in the dark.

night table lamp

Just like with any other product people have varying opinions on whether they should use them or not. The other things that also interest most people are how to buy the best ones or the things to consider when searching for the best night light. But, all these issues should not trouble you as you only need to understand the following important things when it comes to night lights.

Is It A Good Idea To Have A Night Light In Your Bedroom?​

Different people will have varying opinions when it comes to having a light in their room or their kid’s bedrooms. Whereas some are of the view that a dark room is the best for sleep, others believe that a soft glowing and soothing light is perfect. However, experts and individuals that use the night light know just how beneficial they are.

best night lights for toddlers

Many teenagers and even adults are afraid of the dark, and this fear makes it hard for most to fall asleep with the lights off. Having the usual light types on makes it hard to sleep because they produce a bright disturbing light. Night lights ensure that you can leave the lights on as they will not affect your sleep. These particular kinds of lights also help to make sure that you do not have trouble getting back to sleep in case you have to wake up in the middle of the night while also preventing accidents because you can still see well.

It is also a good idea to have them in your kid’s room because they will comfort them if they are fearful of the dark. Also, they will make it easy for the child to locate his stuffed animal which most need for added comfort and they can also come in handy when you need to change diapers as the kid sleeps.​

Top 5 Best Night Lights For Kids And Adults Reviews 2018

1. Sycees 0.5W Plug-in LED Night Light Lamp - The Best Night Light Available

Sycees 0.5W Plug-in LED Night Light Lamp with Dusk to Dawn Sensor


Features and Design

  • Brightness: This lamp has the exact light intensity that most people look for in the best night light. It is not too bright, and neither is it too dim. The light that it produces is just enough to make it possible for you to see at night.
  • Built-In Sensors: It has an Auto On/Off feature which is a result of the built-in sensor that detects dusk and turns on and switch off the light at dawn automatically. This smart sensor makes the device very convenient for users.
  • Offset Prongs: You will not have to plug it out when you need to insert other devices on the other outlets on the wall because they have offset prongs that ensure that they do not block them.
  • Bulbs: Each comes with four pieces of LED bulbs that will not require replacement, and they will also not use a lot of energy which means that you save cash on your power bills.
  • Weight and Dimensions: These plastic lights weigh 4 ounces while the dimensions are 7 x 3 x2.5 inches.
  • Value Pack: The pack contains six lamps, and so you can use them in different rooms. And this means that you will not have to spend extra cash to buy other night lights.


  • Sycees night light has just the right amount of brightness.
  • The dusk and dawn smart sensor mean that you will not need to remember to switch it on or off.
  • This night light is very compact and convenient to plug in the socket thanks to the offset prongs.
  • It will save you money because the LED bulbs do not need replacement and it does not consume a lot of energy.
  • The pack of six means that you have enough to use for several rooms, hallways and anywhere else you need them.
  • This LED lamp is very affordable, and the long lifespan also means that you will save more cash in the future.


  • Some users complain that it is too bright.
  • The Sycees LED night light does not fit well in some types of plug.
  • Lack of a soft glow means that it can affect sleep.

2. SMAGREHO Mini Hand Carved Natural Crystal Himalayan Salt Lamp Night Light

SMAGREHO Mini Hand Carved Natural Crystal Himalayan Salt Lamp night light with UL-Approved Wall Plug


Features and Design

  • Material: This light comes with a special material which is natural salt crystals from the Himalayas that go through hand carving to create some unique and attractive shapes.
  • Safety and Convenience: It does not come with any cords, and the 360 degrees adjustable plug has UL certification which makes it safe and convenient for users.
  • Air Purification: Air purification is a unique feature for this light as it helps to keep the air clean for natural and healthy breathing. With this lamp, you will minimize the amount of pollen, allergen and other pollutants that you breathe in.
  • Unique Ambience: The glow that this light creates will help you feel at peace which is what you need for a peaceful sleep. Also, you can change the bulb to give the lighting a different look.


  • The unique salt crystals materials give it a very impressive look.
  • This SMAGREHO lamp also helps in air purification which makes it the best night light.
  • The SMAGREHO natural crystal Himalayan salt lamp is easy and convenient to use as it does not have a cord and the plug is 360 degrees adjustable.
  • No other night lamb can match the unique ambiance that it creates.
  • You can customize the lighting by changing the color of the bulb.
  • The hand carving gives it a very attractive appearance.


  • The salt traps heat which can melt the night light and cause accidents.
  • You have to wake up and switch it off or on manually.

3. Summer Infant Slumber Buddies Projection and Melodies Soother - The Best Night Light For Toddlers

Summer Infant Slumber Buddies Projection and Melodies Soother


Features and Design

  • Material and Design: The fabric on this projection light is polyester which makes it very durable and the design takes the shape of an elephant.
  • Songs and Sounds: It has a total of five soothing songs and sounds that are very useful in helping infants fall asleep fast.
  • Projection: This device projects a calming sky on the walls and ceiling which is helpful in soothing the child to sleep and entertaining him so that he does not cry. Also, you can choose between colors and a light show.
  • Auto Shut-Off: It has a timer that you can use to program it to shut-off after 45, 30 or 15 minutes.
  • Volume: The three volume control levels make it possible to choose the right amount of sound for your child or what you find most soothing.


  • Summer Infant Slumber Buddies is a well-built night light that will last for many years.
  • The songs and the projections make it the best night light for a toddler.
  • You will not have trouble using it as it is very straightforward.
  • It has an auto shut-off feature to make sure it does not disturb the baby as he sleeps.
  • This projection night light makes it possible to adjust the timer and volume.
  • Unlike most other projection night lights, it is easy to clean.


  • Some of the tunes and songs are not very soothing for both adults and children.
  • Accessibility of the volume button means that kids can play with it if they wake up at night.

4. SOAIY Color Changing Aurora Projection Led Night Light Lamp with Speaker

SOAIY Color Changing Aurora Projection Led Night Light Lamp with Speaker, Relaxing Light Show for Kids and Adults


Features and Design

  • Impressive Light Show: This lamp projects some beautiful nebular light or realistic aurora lights on the wall or ceiling which creates a relaxing and enjoyable experience that is useful for soothing kids to sleep.
  • Light Modes: Once you plug it into the outlet you will have an opportunity to choose from up to eight projection modes that include bright colors like green, blue and red.
  • Sound: It comes with a built-in speaker, and the volume is adjustable. Also, it comes with an audio cable that makes it possible to plug in an MP3 or any other device.
  • Auto Shut-off: This device will shut-off automatically after one hour if you do not operate which means you can sleep without having to wake up to switch it off.
  • Display Angle: You can adjust the view angle with a 45-degree tilt. And this means that it is possible to point the light in a different direction which is very convenient when you want to cover a large room.


  • SOAIY projection night light is suitable for use by everybody including adults.
  • You can use it as both a night light and Aurora projector.
  • This led night light will shut off automatically after an hour of no operation.
  • Choosing from different light patterns is possible.
  • The head is rotatable which makes it possible to vary the direction of the light.
  • This light also has a headphone jack.
  • The SOAIY Color Changing Aurora Projection has a built-in speaker, and the volume is adjustable.


  • There is no option for dimming the bright lights.
  • It will only work well for small rooms.
  • This lamp is quite expensive if you compare it to others on the market.

5. Munchkin Light My Way Night Light

Munchkin Light My Way Nightlight


Features and Design

  • Power: The 100% battery operation makes it safe for use by children, and it does not require any charging, and neither does it come with any cords.
  • Auto Shut-Off: It will switch off after 20 minutes which is just the right amount of time that most kids will need to fall asleep.
  • Convenient Use: This lamp only has one button, and this makes it easy to operate for children, and it also comes with an easy-grasp handle that is just the right fit for them.
  • Appearance: The adorable owl character will act as a toy for the child, and it combines with the soft glow to soothe and relax him during bedtime.
  • LED Technology: You will not have to worry about the light getting too hot because it uses LED technology to ensure that it remains cool-to-touch regardless of how long it is on.


  • LED technology ensures that it does not get hot and burn your kid.
  • It has a small handle that is just the perfect size for kids to carry it around.
  • This lamp only uses batteries, and so you do not have to worry about charging and dangerous cords.
  • The timer will shut it off after 20 minutes so as to conserve battery power.
  • It provides a soft glow that is not only soothing to the baby, but parents can also use it for check-ins.
  • You will hardly find any better night light than this at the same price.
  • Most kids will love the adorable owl shape.


  • You will need an extra-tiny screwdriver to open the battery compartment.
  • The button is underneath which makes it hard for kids to use it.
  • There are a few complaints about the painting ion the lamp wearing off quickly.

How To Choose The Best Night Light

It is an excellent idea to have night lights in your bedroom and also in the room that your child sleeps. However, it is even more important to make sure that you buy the best night light. But, this should not be hard as you only need to consider the following important things when shopping for the lights.

best night light

Night Light Type​

There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to night lights. These lights come in different shapes and designs which means it is important to know about the common types before you make your choice. The most common types are the Plug-in which as the name suggests plugs into the outlet on the wall, Plush which has stuffed animal shapes, Portable that runs on batteries and the Projection which projects designs and shapes onto the walls and ceilings.

Bulb Type

Bulbs have been around for more than a century, and new models are always coming out. It is important to choose the bulb type well when shopping for night lights because it will have a direct influence on the performance and your experience. LED bulbs are the best as they last long, are not hot when you touch, and they use less energy. Also, make sure that the bulb type is readily available so that you will not have a hard time when you need to replace it.​

Light Color​

The color of the light that the device produces is vital, and so you should never overlook it. Although most individuals tend to go for their favorite colors, this is not always a good idea. According to experts, orange and red hues are the best because they imitate sunset which sends signals to the body that it is nighttime and hence time to sleep.

Level Of Brightness​

The brightness level is another important factor that you should consider when looking for the best night lights for toddlers or use in your room. The light should be bright enough for you to see at night but it should also not be too bright to interfere with your sleep or to wake a child. Some modern designs come with a mechanism for adjusting the brightness which makes them an excellent choice as you can choose the level that you find appropriate.


A good night light should not be very expensive regardless of the number of features or the appearance. You cannot be confident that the light will work for you or your child before using it or whether it is durable or not and so it is important to make sure that you do not spend a lot of money on it.

Extra Things To Consider When Buying The Best Night Lights For Kids​

When shopping for the best nightlight for babies, there are a few extra things that parents will need to consider, and they include the following three.

best night lights for kids


A night light with a timer is better for a child than those that do not have one. The timer allows you to program the device to switch off once your kid falls asleep. No matter how dim or soft the light might be it is still possible for it to wake the baby and you will not always remember to switch it off, but this should not be a problem with a timer.


A thermometer does not seem like something necessary for a night light, but it can be helpful when using it for a child's room. Night lights with thermometers make it easy for the parent to monitor the temperature and to make sure that it is just right for the baby.

White Noise/Music Boxes​

It is important to teach your child how to self-soothe as it helps him sleep well and for long without your help. A night light that also produces white noise or some calming music is very helpful when you are teaching the infant how to self-soothe. The sound will help to calm and soothe the child if he wakes up at night, and so you will not always have to intervene.


With the numerous varieties on the market choosing the best night light might seem like a tedious task but this is not always so if you have the right information. Knowing why you need the light and keeping the important factors above in mind will make things easy for you. However, you should also remember to take the necessary caution when using it in your kid's room such as keeping it far away from the child if it has small parts.​

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