The Best Type Of Pillows For Back Sleepers

According to a research, only eight percent of people sleep on their backs. However, it is by far the healthiest position for most people. For the best night’s sleep, back sleepers should be sleeping with a slightly raised head. This position prevents undue pressure on your neck, moreover it will not let you bend your spine lower down.

Placing an additional pillow beneath your knees can further alleviate back strain in this position, keeping your head, neck and spine resting in the neutral position – supporting the natural curvature of the spine. In fact, doctors advise sleeping on your back if you suffer from chronic back pain.​

Pillow Firmness

As mentioned, back sleepers should be sleeping with a slightly raised head. This means that soft pillows are such a big disappointment, as they provide inadequate support for the neck and spine. Choosing between a medium or firm pillow is due to personal preference.

We recommended choosing a medium pillow, as it provides enough support for the head, neck and spine – without compromising on comfort.​

Pillow Style

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Choosing a pillow style is very dependent on the type of person you are. Some love the feel of a memory foam pillow, whilst others prefer the feel of a traditional synthetic pillow.

If you have been advised to sleep on your back, due to chronic back pain, then we suggest choosing a Spinal Alignment Pillow or a Zonal Support Pillow by Sealy. Both provide additional neck and back support, reducing muscle strain for a comfy night's sleep.

Whichever pillow style you choose, remember that it shouldn’t be too flat. As a pillow for back sleepers should correctly support the head, eliminating undue pressure.

Pillow Material and Filling

While we have discussed pillow style, we also need to discuss about: “What material is the pillow made from?”. Anyone who suffers from night time allergies, such as dust mites and bacteria, should know they require an anti-allergy pillow. Anti-allergy pillows are effectively synthetic pillows as a treatment to combat common allergy symptoms.

For the rest of us, we have a great choice to choose from. Even synthetic pillows, which are usually made from hollowfibre, have multiple variations of the fibre – each with their own advantages.

Natural filled pillows, which are usually made from feathers and down of Ducks and Geese, offer exceptional softness, lightness and breathability. These pillows require more care and need to be fluffed up a little more often than their synthetic counterparts.

Top Pick Pillow Choice for Back Sleepers

For a luxurious night’s sleep, we recommend choosing a pillow lined with latex.

Latex is a natural polymer made from plants and trees. When it is used as a pillow filling, it’s foamed to create a matrix of tiny inter-connected bubbles which offer bounce and spring. This creates a cozy surface for your head to rest on and offers ultimate back and neck protection.

However, latex pillows are quite expensive. The Optimal Latex Pillow by Sealy is one of the best choices, which is priced at £58.99 with worth quality. The high price tag is warranted, as latex pillows are highly responsive, providing effective pressure relief and springs back into shape instantly supporting you when you move position in the night.

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  • March 7, 2018

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