Can You Sleep With A Waist Trainer On? – What You Need To Know

When you get your first trainer, you will want to wear it all the time, and this is more so after seeing the impressive results that celebrities that use them get. This modern day corset is one of the most efficient ways of getting that hourglass shape that you always desire. But consistency and wearing it for many hours is the only way to ensure that you get satisfactory results.

Because of this fact, there is always debate on whether you can sleep with a waist trainer or not. Although different ladies will have varying opinions knowing the following important things will help you make an informed decision when it comes to sleeping in a waist trainer.

1. It Can Be Uncomfortable​

Can You Sleep with a Waist Trainer On

Comfort and snoozing will always go hand in hand, and it is because of this fact that most individuals will spend a fortune in getting the best mattress, sheets, and pillows. If you are not comfortable enough you will not sleep well which in turn will have some adverse effects on your health.

Wearing a waist trainer can be very uncomfortable because it is very constricting. It is hard to ignore the pressure that the corset applies on your waist which means that it will be hard for most women to snooze.

However, if you go for a high-end one with a good material and adjustability, you can still get the comfort that you need for a good night's sleep. Also, once you get used to sleeping with it, you might not even notice it.​

2. The Waist Trainer Can Cause Excessive Sweating​

Can You Sleep with a Waist Trainer On

Nothing is more annoying than feeling hot and sticky as you sleep. Overheating will not only make it hard for you to sleep but it will also interfere with your sleep cycle as you might end up waking up several times at night.

Corsets restrict the flow of air around your waist, and if you add in the fact that you also have to cover your body with a blanket, you will have all the necessary ingredients for a hot night and excessive sweating.

However, it is also important to know that there are some types of waist trainers that have a very breathable material and a design that ensures maximum airflow and so wearing them as you sleep will not cause overheating or excess sweating.

3. Some Ladies Will Get Acid Reflux​

If you are one of those ladies that already have problems with acid reflux wearing a waist trainer as you sleep will not be a good idea as it will make things worse for you. The constricting nature of this corset and the fact that it pushes the stomach and other organs in a certain way may move stomach acid back into the esophagus and throat hence resulting into an acid reflux.

Acid reflux is very annoying, and it will not only make it hard for you to sleep but can also be difficult to eliminate. Also, the acid reflux can lead to sleep disorders like insomnia or even trigger sleep apnea.

4. It Can Help You Get Into Shape Faster​

Can You Sleep with a Waist Trainer On

Despite the many adverse effects of wearing a waist trainer as you go to bed it is important to know that doing so can help you get into shape fast. Waist training is all about consistency and wearing the corset for extended periods.

If you sleep for eight hours every day, it means that you will be getting up to 56 extra hours of waist training every week if you sleep with the corset on which can make a huge difference. Also, some ladies work in places or jobs that make it impossible to wear the waist trainer during the day and so wearing it as they sleep allows them to waist train despite the career constraints.

Once you achieve the desired body shape, wrapping the corset around the waist during sleep time can be an efficient way of ensuring that you maintain it.

5. The Body Needs A Break

Even as you work hard to get that hourglass figure, it is important to remember that your body needs some rest. In fact, some experts advise that you should not wear a waist trainer for more than ten hours every day so that you can give the body enough break.

Sleep is not just about resting, but it is also the time that body cells heal. Wearing a waist trainer to bed might interfere with this natural healing, and so it is vital to give your body some break.

6. A Waist Trainer Will Affect Your Sleep Position​

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Wearing a waist trainer to bed can interfere with your sleep position and make it hard to snooze in particular ways. If you are one of the many ladies that prefer to sleep on the side, wearing a corset will require you to keep the muscles engaged which in turn makes it hard to relax as you try to fall asleep.

For tummy sleepers, the corset tends to put some extra pressure on the neck and head because it will not allow the spine to curve like it would when not wearing one. Sleeping on the back with the best thin pillow seems more comfortable when wearing a waist trainer but some ladies will also have increased acid reflux.

Tips For Sleeping In A Waist Trainer​

  • Always go for an adjustable corset to cater for stomach bloating during periods or when you have heavy meals.
  • Experiment with best latex pillow placement to ensure that you get a comfortable sleep position.
  • If you want to wear the waist trainer as you sleep, it is a good idea to remove it for a few hours before bed to allow the body to breathe.
  • Try different types of corset before you give up on sleeping with them on because the fact that one feels uncomfortable does not mean all others are also uncomfortable.
  • If it hurts or you wake up struggling to breathe or sore, you should remove the trainer immediately.

Bottom Line

When it comes to sleeping in a waist trainer, it is all about personal choice. For some people, the time that they are in bed means that they can get some extra training while for others it is too uncomfortable and they cannot sleep well.

It is important to try sleeping with one before you decide whether it is a good idea or not and consider the medical advice that you get from your doctor. Also, it is a good idea to weigh the merits and demerits of sleeping with a waist trainer before you decide to wear one to bed.

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  • Updated March 31, 2018

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