Honey! Did I Gain Weight Since Last Night?

Who doesn’t love a good night sleep? The feeling of lying down on your bed and gradually going into the world of dreams, shedding your fatigue and tiredness on the bed and the relaxing your body so that it feels if you are flying in the sky and never want to wake up. In other words, when you sleep in the night or day our body is at total rest, from outside it looks like that we are in the state of total immobility, but inside your body, the brain and other vital organs are busy in-house cleaning and refreshing us to start a new day.

A good night sleep is very important as it helps to regain our strength for the next day and it also regenerates and reinvigorates the body. Sleep helps to build our immune system and create room for more memories in the brain, people always think that a good and healthy sleep in not in our hands, but it is a misconception, having a good sleep is very much in our control there are various things that we can do to give our self a healthy sleep.

There are various reasons due to which you can experience discomfort during your sleep, some people have neck problems and are not able to sleep well, some have back pain and other may have shoulder-related issues. To solve any difficulty in sleep due to neck you can use the memory foam pillow, with these adjustable pillows you can enjoy a good night sleep.

​Sleep is related with a number of health factors, a person who has the appropriate amount of sleep during the night or day can live a better and delightful life than those who experience lack of good sleep. A good night sleep is associated with various mental and physical health indicators of the body. Having a bad mood or experiencing fatigue despite sleeping for 8 hours, back pain, head pain or even neck pain all these feelings of discomfort have a relation with your sleep. Why sleep matters can be rightly explained with the process of the sleep cycle.

​Sleep Cycles

Have you ever wondered that what goes on when you sleep in the night, why do some people walk in the night while they are asleep, or why some people wake up abruptly during the night? The answer lies in sleep cycles, our sleep occurs in rhythmic cycles of 90-120 minutes in one time. There are 5 stages of this cycle which start from lying in the bed and goes on till the mysterious rapid eye movement stage, follow the steps below to know what are the normal sleep cycles that a human goes through every night.

The first stage in a sleep cycle starts here, in this stage, you are lying on the bed with very little movement, and our eyes feel lighter. Also, you may feel like going in and out of the sleep. Sometimes you feel like falling down from higher ground, and some people may undergo some muscle movements now and then. The scientists say that if you want to practice some breathing techniques, this is the best time to do that as during this stage you are half-conscious and may remember your activity. You may not fall asleep if you are experiencing any discomfort due to neck pain or back pain. To get rid of your neck pain you can use a memory foam pillow which will allow you to have a good night sleep.

The next stage is in consonance with the previous one, in this stage the heart pumps slowly and the temperature of the body decreases gradually. The brain activity is also slows down in this stage, but there are certain instances of sudden oscillatory activity also called sleep spindles. This is the longest stage of the sleep cycle.

Have you ever heard someone talking in their sleep or some people walking in their sleep and other such strange activities? All these happen in the third stage, in which we start to go into deep sleep. It is in this very stage that our body repairs itself, there is the development of bones and the muscles, and the immune system is fortified.

The process of building and fortifying the body and muscles continues in this stage. Along with it, you experience dreams in this stage, all the good or bad stuff that you sometimes remember the next day happens here. This is the stage of deep sleep and if you wake up suddenly in this stage, you may experience disoriented and dizzy.

The last stage is REM stage or Rapid Eye Movement stage, in this, your brain is the most active organ of the body. The brain in this stage sends numerous signals to the cerebral cortex. The cerebral cortex is the area where your organizational and creative thinking skills are hidden; along with sending signals to the cortex the brain sends another signal to the spinal cord and instructing it to stop all the movements of the body. The name is REM because the eyes in this stage move rapidly sideways giving the evidence of our dreams. It has been found that during the REM stage the brain also sends some random signals which form the base of our dreams.

This single cycle of 90-120 minutes repeats itself during our sleep. A disturbance in any one of these stages can result in disrupting the sleep cycle causing discomfort to the person. Without enough sleep, your weight can increase making you fat and lethargic. There is enough evidence today that due to lack of sleep leads to inappropriate eating habits and it also increases your appetite, thereby resulting in over-eating and increasing your weight. As it was told earlier that during sleep all our body systems are regulated and kept in check, due to sleep deprivation the hunger hormone called ghrelin goes unchecked and it leads to an increase in appetite.

The human growth hormone is released in maximum amount during the night allowing growth in children, therefore if your child experiences sleep deprivation it can put a limit to the release of the growth hormone ultimately restricting your child’s growth and resulting in loss of weight and height. In adults also the weight regulation hormone is released during the night, which keeps you fit and fine, lack of sleep will disturb the hormone cycle leading to its abnormal release ultimately increasing or decreasing your weight.

It is advised by the doctors that you sleep on your back or your side with a pillow which keeps your body posture in a straight line. Any irregularity in the posture can lead to neck pain in the morning. To be able to sleep in the said position you need the perfect pillow and the memory foam pillow is the best choice for you. It is an adjustable pillow which comes with an extra stuffing over the base. The base is harder and the outer stuffing is soft, you can adjust it according to your comfort giving you a good night sleep so that you wake up refreshed and with a good mood in the morning. These pillows are easy to wash and do not require any dry cleaning, just clean them a normal soap and let them dry and they will be good as new.

Generally, people don’t take sleep seriously and the health issues associated with it, sleep matters a lot in your life, it decides how you think, how much can you work the next day, it decides your mood and many other factors depend on your sleep.

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  • August 10, 2018

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