How To Block Out Noise When Trying To Sleep

Have you been losing sleep due to noise? Have you been kept awake throughout the night due to noise, leaving you stressed and frustrated? If you are a sensitive sleeper noise can be the hardest thing to deal with in bed. It can be easy to tell your teenage child to turn down the television, but it is hard to deal with neighbors who party all night long.

The worst part is if you are sleeping next to a person who sleep talks or snores. Fortunately enough, there are ways to deal with noise no matter how close it is. This article will help you reclaim the sleepless nights and have the sleep that you deserve by giving you guidelines on how to sleep through noise.

​Here are 3 things you will need to do:

Modifying Your Bedroom

Moving Your Furniture

how to sleep through noise

In the event that you share a wall with a noisy street or loud neighbor, rearranging furniture can help to reduce the amount of noise coming into your home. Rearranging the furniture can help to distance your bed from the source of the noise while adding more furniture can help to muffle sound.

Move your bed to the side that is far away from the source of the noise. For example, if your bedroom wall is shared with the living room of a noisy neighbor, try and push your bed to the furthest side of the room away from the shared wall.

Positioning large and thick furniture against the noisy wall will help to absorb and muffle some of the sound. Try something like placing a bookshelf against the wall and filling it with books to block the noise.

Cover Your Walls

how to sleep through noise

For walls that let a lot of sound through them, try to cover them with a noise absorbing material to absorb the noise effectively. Using acoustic panels works best and for added absorption of the noise you can use acoustic panels that are wrapped with a thick fabric.

Choose panels that have a noise reduction rating of 0.85 or higher for best results.

Use acoustic blankets. These are specialty cloths that are designed to be hung on the wall to mute outside noise.

Insulate The Floor

how to block out noise when trying to sleep

If the noise in your home is coming from below you, you can reduce the noise by insulating the floor. This can be done using down carpets, or actually insulating the floor below the baseboards.

Cork works best as a flooring material. It can insulate sound much better than any other type of wood.

If you cannot put wall-to wall carpeting, you can opt to use a thick large area rug instead.

If you own your home and you have an attic above your bedroom, the floor of the attic can be insulated using R25 fiberglass which is at least eight inches thick.

Use acoustically-rated ceiling tiles and they will work perfectly since they are used in homes that are next to the airport.

Sound-Proof Your Windows

sleep through noise

This may require a bit of work and it may get a bit costly, but it should be effective to keep out noise.

Install widows that are double or secondary glazed. They both work well to insulate your home and block outside noise.

Hanging thick curtains in your bedroom windows can also work

Use a safe insulating foam sealant that is made for windows and doors to seal gaps that let in sound.

Blocking Out Noise

Use A White Noise Machine

Ambient sound like the white noise often helps by blocking out louder, sharper sounds by masking out the noise with tolerable and gentle sounds.

White noise works by reducing the difference between background noise and sudden noises such as slamming of the door or honking of cars.

You can buy a specialty white noise machine and download white noise tracks online and simply keep the fan blowing in the room while you are asleep.

Play Something Distracting

how to sleep through noise

If you are reluctant to using white noise, you can use your own household items to drown out or distract undesired noise. You can use a radio or television and use a timer for them to turn off at a certain time.

Wearing Earplugs

Ear Plugs (Blue) Reduce Loud Noise When Sleeping Or Concerts, Music Events, Shooting Range, Construction Work, Motor Sports Racing, Made Of Soft Hypoallergenic Silicone To Be Reusable & Comfortable


They are an effective way to block outside noises when asleep. They work more effectively if they are combined with white noise in the room. Best earplugs for sleeping can be bought in pharmacies or online.

Always make sure to wash your ears before putting in earplugs to minimize the risk of infection.

Twist the earplugs and pull them outwards to remove them.

Do not force in an earplug if it does not fit.

Addressing Noise Problems

Practice The Art Of Communication

dealing with noisy problem

Being honest and direct is the best approach for noisy neighbors, but it can be tricky as well. Use a polite and friendly approach to tell them about their noise problem. Be courteous and kind as well as honest. Maintain an even temper and be friendly when presenting the complaint.

Dealing With A Noisy Bed Partner

best anti snoring device

There are over 80 different sleep disorders and many of these involve making noise while sleeping. It is unfair to blame your bed partner for the disorder, but it is reasonable to ask them to seek the best anti snoring device or medical attention where possible and viable.


In many cases of noise disturbance during sleep, you have to very cautious as not to start worrying about the noise as this can end up being the reason you can’t sleep. Noise is very annoying when you are trying to sleep. The only way to deal with this is not to allow yourself get too upset. Try as much as possible to be away from the noise.

Remember, if you cannot stop the noise, block it. This is the only most effective way to avoid noise disturbance. It is always great to know what works best for you from the list above. There is also the occurrence that you can combine more than two or three steps for you to enjoy your sleep. I hope they work for you and also sharing other techniques that work for you to stop or block noise at night will help other readers. Feel free to share.

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  • Updated March 13, 2017

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