How To Fall Asleep When You Are Not Tired

After a long and tiring day at work or school, most people will not have a hard time sleeping because their body and brain will switch off almost immediately they get into the bed. But what happens when you are not tired?

You will not always feel tired because some days will be slow and you might idle for many hours meaning that you cannot rely on tiredness to help you fall asleep. However, it is still possible to fall asleep even if you are not tired and here are some easy ways of achieving this.

1.  Adjust The Room Temperature​

adjust the room temperature for sleep well

Lowering the temperature in your sleeping chamber is a simple but effective trick that can help you fall asleep when you are not tired. The temperature in the sleeping room should be lower than what you find comfortable because research shows that this can induce sleep.

However, it is vital to ensure that your body does not get cold because cold feet can be disruptive to sleep. Taking a warm shower just before bed can also be very useful in adjusting your body's temperature. Also, the calming and relaxing effect of a late night shower will make it easy for you to fall asleep.​

2. Keep Noise and Light Out​

block noise and light for sleep better

The brain tends to be more alert when you are not tired than in the days that you feel exhausted. Because of this, things like light and noise will be very disruptive for your sleep because you will notice them more than usual. And so to ensure that they to not interfere with your ability to snooze you will have to keep them in check.

For light, you should switch off all the bulbs in the room and cover up the gaps in the windows and doors that might let in light. Also, it is important to switch off or cover up the alarm and your phone because the small ray of light that they produce can keep you awake.

Noise might not be easy to deal with, but there are many things that you can use to deal with it, and they include white noise, earplugs, and soundproofing the room.​

3. Read A Book In Bed​

best reading pillow

Instead of wasting time tossing, turning and frowning at your inability to fall asleep because you are not tired you should read something. Reading a few chapters in bed will help you fall asleep and ensure that you don not waste a lot of time.

You can read anything from a novel to your favorite magazine. However, you should make sure that you read from a comfortable position to avoid back pains and other body aches that might make it harder for you to sleep. A best reading pillow is one way to ensure that you can achieve a comfortable position when reading something in bed.

Also, avoid reading from electronic gadgets like tablets and smartphones because the blue light that they emit will make it hard to sleep.​

4. Drink Some Herbal Tea Before Bed​

herbal bedtime tea

Herbal tea is one of the best remedies for insomnia, and it will make you feel sleepy even if you are not tired. Anything from chamomile to valerian root tea and peppermint will be very useful as a herbal bedtime tea.

Taking a small cup about an hour before bed will help relax your mind and body which is what you need to snooze. However, it is crucial to make sure that you do not consume a lot of liquid so as to avoid the need to wake up to go to the bathroom. And if you make bedtime tea part of your daily routine you will never have trouble sleeping regardless of whether you are tired or not.​

5. Snack On Foods Rich In Melatonin​

best food for sleep well

If you do not like herbal tea or do not have the right herbs to make them there are still many other food options that can help you fall asleep. To ensure that you get good results you should snack on a small bowl of cherries or drink cherry tart juice a couple of hours before bed to benefit from the melatonin in this fruit.

Other foods like oats, oranges, bananas and tomatoes also contain compounds that can help you snooze. But it is important to avoid eating them just before bed because the discomfort and indigestion will make things worse.​

6. Avoid Drinking Caffeine Or Alcohol Before Bed​


A glass of wine before bed always seems like an excellent idea, and most people believe that it helps them fall asleep fast. However, there is enough research out there that proves that alcohol before bed makes it hard for you to fall asleep and this is more so if you are not tired. Although alcohol might make you feel a little drowsy, it will interfere with your sleep cycle and also make it hard to fall into a deep sleep state.

Caffeine, on the other hand, is very useful when you want to remain attentive and so taking it in the evening or late in the afternoon will make it harder for you to sleep. It takes up to eight hours for the caffeine to leave your system and so taking it in the evening or night in a day that you are not feeling tired will make it very hard for you to sleep.​

7. Make The Bed As Comfortable As Possible​

How To Fall Asleep When Not Tired

You might not notice how uncomfortable your bed is until that one day that you find it hard to fall asleep. Tiredness makes it hard to realize how lumpy your mattress is but if you have trouble sleeping, you will need to make the bed comfortable.

You can start by flipping your mattress to get rid of the lumpy feel, but if it is too old, it will be necessary to cover it with a topper or pad. Also, you should replace your pillows if they are under or overstuffed or go for comfortable ones like latex or buckwheat pillows. Buying some soft and silky sheets and something warm to cover up on cold days is also a good idea as they will help to make the bed more comfortable.


Sometimes sleep can be very elusive, and this is more so on days that you are not feeling tired. Sleeplessness can be annoying because the couple of hours that you spend tossing in bed mean that you will not get enough rest. The simple tips above will help you snooze even on days that you do not feel tired. Other things like exercising before bed and meditation can also be very helpful, but the best idea is to try out several things and pick what works well for you.​

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  • Updated March 31, 2018

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