Back On Track: 7 Sneaky Tips And Tricks To Restore Your Sleep Schedule

Do you find it hard to wake up at the correct time? Does the time vary every night when you go to bed? Do you find it hard to go back to sleep when you wake up during the night? Always feeling drained and wobbly when you wake up?

Are these questions relevant to you? Then most probably your sleep schedule is not working well with your natural body clock. All of us have a natural body scheduler called the circadian clock. As such, it helps us to sleep every night and wake up the next day easily.

However, there are times when sleeping pattern can get out of sync with its normal cycle. Once it is disturbed, we might have a difficulty in going sleeping or waking up at the right time. For a little help, the list below shows seven tips to fix your sleep schedule.

Do Some Exercise

Apart from building muscles and trimming fat, exercising or working out can certainly help you to sleep easier and manage to have a deeper sleep. Studies say that those people who work out for about 3 hours a week, sleep much better every night and are more active and attentive during the day.

However, refrain from exercising one or two hours before your bedtime because it has invigorating effects that may keep you awake. Remember that the timing of your work out can make a huge difference.

Furthermore, mornings are the perfect time to do cardio. Doing it at night or by before bedtime, can interrupt and disorganized your sleep. For a calmer exercise, you can simply do some stretching before going to bed like the runner’s stretch.

​You can even lift 5-pound weights for about 15 minutes a day. If you don’t have any weights at home, try purchasing one at any online stores like or improvise one using milk jugs or water bottles.

​Create A Sleep Journal

Keeping a sleep journal can be a very simple task. All you have to do is to write down a list of the time you go to bed, and the time you wake up every day. By doing so, you can decide on a fixed sleep schedule that can cater all your needs.

It can also help you know what is the best time for you to work out. If you want to know the total number of hours of sleep you need, make use of the sleep journal to know how much hours of sleep you need every night.

​Follow A Habit

Obviously, one of the best ways to mend your sleep schedule is by choosing the right time to sleep and the right time to wake up every day. Still targeting the suggested number of hours of sleep, which is nine.

Do your best to stick to this schedule and don’t easily give in after making a huge effort. Instead of setting the alarm before your bedtime, try setting the alarm when you wake up. Make sure that you do this at the very same time every day.

Sooner or later, your body will adapt or set up itself to be sleepy and become alert at the right time. Though the time it takes for a person to adapt and accustom to their specific sleep schedule varies, the earlier you try to fix your sleep schedule, the quicker you can better sleep.

If you sleep with someone, inform them about your sleep schedule. With that, these people will know when to hush, and you will be able to get a good night’s sleep. Another good tip is to use your bed only for sleeping. Doing things such as working or eating can make your body think that the bed is for some other purpose other than sleep. This will make it harder for you to sleep altogether.

Know What You Eat and When You Eat

Of course, sleep is not the only regimen that acts with a clock. Your pancreas, liver, and other vital organs have clocks of their own that react to food. For example, an enormous late-night meal can drive your digestive system out of sync.

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As such, your body stocks fats that can potentially increase your weight. To avoid such instances, eat more calories during the day and then opt for a light supper. With that you can hit two birds with one stone, trimming your waistline and getting a good night’s sleep.

Always remember that what you eat and when you eat, can highly affect your sleep. Thus it is best to start the day right by having a balanced breakfast. You can also go for mini, hearty snacks if ever you feel hungry before sleeping.

Avoid Taking A Nap For Too Long

For sure, taking naps in the afternoon can instantly provide you with a flare of energy to help you survive the remaining time of the day. However, if you nap for too long, your body will recognize it as your preeminent sleep time.

As a result, it will become more difficult to doze off to sleep during the night. According to the head of pediatric sleep medicine at the URMC (University of Rochester Medical Center), Heidi Connolly, MD, the ideal number of minutes a person can take a nap is 20 minutes.

These short naps can certainly give you a small amount of energy. However, it cannot help you with restoring your sleep schedule. And the fact that you can’t have deep sleep with short naps, only makes your body feeling tired and wanting a higher quality sleep.

Keep Away From Depressants And Stimulants

When you are still adjusting your sleep cycle, it is best to avoid depressants and stimulants. Know that the side effects of coffee and other products that contain caffeine, and stimulants can linger in your body for hours. Thus you should avoid consuming them hours before going to sleep.

On the other hand, depressants such as alcohol can, at first, make you feel drowsy and lethargic, but can disrupt and interrupt your sleep later on. So stay away from these products if you want to fix your sleep schedule.

Avoid Late Hour Works

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Working overnight can certainly out sync your sleeping schedule. If you need to work up until the wee hours, try to stick to one shift all the time. Are you working late? Then if you take off for work in the morning, wear sunglasses. Wear them until you are inside your office. And once your home, make sure to get at least nine hours of sleep, to get adequate rest.


Of course, sleep cycles differ from person to person. There are reasons why some people are experiencing difficulties to sleep or wake up at the right time. One main reason is the disrupt and disorganized sleeping schedule.

But, there are always solutions to these problems. Read the guide above and try following some of them. With their help, you can easily reset your sleep cycle. As such, you can easily fall asleep and get sufficient rest.

Author Bio: Lisa Jones is a health blogger. Specifically, she loves to write about sleep. Lisa is also a fan of dramas that tackle any medical field. In her free time, she often treats her family to fancy restaurants for dinner.

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