How To Maintain Your Mattress

The average person will spend a third of every year asleep.

​Taking that into account, when you’re spending so much time in bed, do you really want to bespending it on a broken or unkept mattress?

​Quality mattresses can be a big investment, so it’s understandable that owners aren’t looking to buya new one a regular basis. However, without proper maintenance, you can be causing irreparable damage to your mattress.

​Read on to discover a few handy and straightforward tips on how to properly maintain your mattress and extend its life span.

​Wash Your Bedding Often

How to Maintain Your Mattress

​Bed sheets are a hotspot for horrible parasites, fluids and dirt.

​This is why it’s so essential to wash your bedding every one to three weeks to stop body oils andother dirt seeping through to your mattress and staining it.

​Mattresses aren’t straightforward to wash once stained, therefore it’s important to do your part by cleaning your sheets regularly to avoid any smudges and blotches.

​Use A  Mattress Protector

How To Maintain Your Mattress

​When you buy a new mattress, then it’s advised that you also buy a mattress protector toaccompany your purchase.

​A protector helps your mattress fight off any dirt or fluid seeping through your sheets and willguarantee that it will not be affected by any stains.

​However, it’s recommended that you wash your mattress protector along with your sheets as thesecan also be prone to bed bugs and dirt.

​Flip And Rotate Quarterly

​Mattresses can also become damaged by constant use over time. The mechanisms within it canbegin to fault which can become uncomfortable to sleep on.

​To maintain a mattress, the best thing you can do will be to rotate it 180 degrees and flip it over onto the other side every three months. This will mean your mattress will be worn evenly, avoiding bumps and softening in certain areas.

​Allow Sunlight In

​It’s important to never underestimate the importance of natural lighting when it comes to protecting your mattress.

​During the day it’s recommended that you have sunlight shining on your mattress as much as possible, to evaporate any fluid on your sheets.

​In addition to this, sunlight can also kill any bedbugs that are currently infesting your sheets and mattress. The sunlight will not only kill them, but will stop them producing in masses also.

​Purchase A Luxury Mattress

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​If you’re currently struggling to sleep on a broken or faulty mattress, then consider investing in a luxury mattress.

​When you buy a high-quality mattress, then the investment is certainly one for the long term and will prove to be a value for money, as long as its maintained correctly.

​Besides, the stunning appearance and quality of a luxury mattress will make you want to take better care of it over time.

​By following these straightforward tips above, you have no excuse to disregard mattress maintenance. For those of you with irremovable stains all over your mattress, consider using a mattress cleaner from a respected manufacturer to rid it of dirt.

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  • November 30, 2017

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