Useful Tips On How To Sleep On Your Back

Sleep position is an essential factor that determines everything from the quality of sleep. While everyone seems to have a favorite sleep position, many people always try to learn how to sleep on the back.

Sleeping on your back is beneficial and in fact, it helps the neck and back maintain a natural alignment. Also, it has some cosmetic benefits because as it can lead to fewer wrinkles.

Although sleeping on the back has a variety of advantages, it can be a little hard and even uncomfortable while you get used to the position. And this is more so for those that prefer sleeping on the side or their stomach. However, it is still possible to achieve a comfortable sleep position on your back even if you are not used to it. Here is how to sleep on your back.

​Start By Checking Your Mattress

The first step when trying to sleep on your back is to check whether your mattress is appropriate for this sleep position. A good one for sleeping on your back should be firm enough to offer adequate support so you can rest comfortably. Mattresses that are concave from many years of use or wear will not be ideal for sleeping on your back, and you might need to replace them or buy a topper.

Support Your Head

A firm mattress will support your back and spine appropriately, but you still need to take care of the head for a comfortable sleep position. You need to make sure that your head and neck also have substantial support. And the only way to do this is by using the right pillow.

how to sleep on your back

Everyone seems to have a favorite pillow when sleeping, but if you want to snooze on the back, you should purchase for yourself a good one.

​A firm pillow with a high loft is best for supporting your shouder and your neck and head when sleeping on the back as it ensures that the spine maintains a natural alignment. However, you also want to make sure that your neck will not be overly elevated as this can be quite uncomfortable.

​Position Your Body Appropriately

how to sleep on your back

When you have an ideal mattress and pillow for sleeping on your back, the next essential thing is to learn how to position your body. And for this, you will also need lots of pillows because placing them in strategic places can make the transition to sleeping on your back simple and more comfortable.

As you try to get a good sleep position, you should start placing a small pillow under each of your arms and one under your knees. You can also have some on the sides to act as bumpers that will keep you from rolling to the side or your stomach. The pillow under your knees is vital because it will help to ensure that your back maintains proper alignment and it can be helpful for those that suffer from lower back pain.

Avoid Eating Late Night Meals

how to sleep on your back

​When you sleep on your back or try doing it, you need to avoid heavy meals. These food make it hard to snooze face-up. If your stomach feels uncomfortable, you will toss and turn in bed all night to find a good sleep position.

And so to ensure maximum comfort when sleeping on the back, it is always an advantage to have your last meal two or more hours before jumping into bed.

Be Persistent

If you have been sleeping on your back or side all your life, it will not be easy to make the transition to snoozing on your back. In fact, most of the times you will always end up rolling back to your usual or favorite sleep position.

But, this should not be a reason to quit because persistence is the key to learning how to sleep on your back. Anytime that you realize that you are sleeping in a different position, you should always roll to your back, and if you do it persistently enough, it will become a habit.


Sleeping on your back not only provides us more comfort but also has many beneficial such as keeping the wrinkles in check, and minimizing the likelihood of developing back pains. However, there are people who prefer side and stomach sleeping.

But, with a little extra effort and by following the tips above you should be able to figure out how to sleep on your back. Also, it is important to note that it takes time and a lot of getting used to and so patience and persistence is always the key.

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  • February 8, 2018

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