8 Ways To Sleep Better And Wake Up Energized

Sleep is one of the most important activities when the day ends. It helps to rest and give the body time to re-energize for the next day. Most people overlook the importance of sleep and work almost for all the 24 hours in a day.

This in many cases ends up interfering with productivity, mood, concentration, weight and the overall quality of life. Take note that it is not just sleep, but the quality of sleep. I have seen so many people struggle to remain active throughout the day and when I ask, the answer is always related to poor sleeping during the night. Sleeping well is very important and in many cases you will never understand what you are missing if you have been lacking sleep for a long period of time.

Sleep is not a waste of time as many of you may see it. It is very important to sleep as I have experienced it first hand. It simply gives the body and brain time to rest and prepare for another day.

This article will discuss some of the ways on how to sleep well and wake up energized. I have tried some of these and they really work and I also hope you will try them out for you to have better sleep and fresh mornings.

The following are some of the things to do:

1. Avoid Caffeine Some Hours Before Bedtime

avoid caffein before bedtime

Caffeine is known to be a stimulant and it interferes with sleep. Avoid taking it at least ten hours before your sleeping time. This will reduce the effects it will have on your body by the time you go to sleep.

Caffeine tends to make you wake up constantly or have light sleep that does not help you in getting any rest. You therefore wake up feeling tired. Try as much as possible to avoid taking it, especially after lunch hours.

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2. Meditate And Calm Down Before Going To Bed

avoid caffein before bedtime

This is a way of winding up. Take about 30 minutes to an hour at most for meditation. This allows you to throw away all the worries of the day and have peace of mind. There is no point of going to sleep with a clogged mind about things that have already passed. Simply sit and relax. Meditation is well known to relieve stress. It helps calm down and is also a nice way to fall asleep when you are not tired

3. Avoid Eating Dinner Right Before Going To Bed

how to sleep well and wake up energized

It is a bad idea to eat and sleep immediately. This is because the process of digestion takes some time to be complete. Imagine the process taking place while you are deep asleep. You will feel uncomfortable during your sleep.

Try and leave a few hours for digestion to take place before you go to bed. This will allow you to have a peaceful night’s sleep and you will wake up feeling restful.

4. Go To The Toilet Before Retiring To Bed

how to sleep well and wake up energized

Even if you do not feel like going to the toilet before going to bed, just do it and try to squeeze out whatever you can. This is to help the kidneys work throughout the night and you will wake up with a full bladder in the morning. I have tried this and it works. It reduces the chances of you waking up in the middle of the night. Waking up to go to the toilet causes disturbance in sleep and you will also take time to fall back asleep.

5. Ensure You Sleep In The Right Temperatures

how to sleep well and wake up energized

You should neither be too cold or too hot. Try to keep a balance of the temperature. This keeps your energies calm and reduces the chances of them spiking or getting too low.

Try to find a balance between the clothes you sleep in and the bed cover, heating or cooling mattress pad you use. There are those who sleep with no clothes but use a heavy blanket. Other will choose to sleep in clothes and use lighter bed covers as is my case. And if you sleep on a sofa bed, make sure that it brings the best comfortable to you.

6. Have A Sleep Schedule

best cooling mattress pads

Sleeping at the same time every day as well as waking up at the same time plays an important role. Try to choose the appropriate time for you to sleep and wake up and ensure that the time within the two is enough for you to have rested well. This sets the brain to a certain schedule which will be easier to follow. You will have consistency in your sleep which will help your body to learn.

7. Do Not Go To Bed If You Are Not Sleepy

how to wake up energized

It is advisable to go to bed when you feel sleepy. To improve on the time you feel sleepy, avoid taking naps during late hours of the day. This interrupts your ability to go to bed on time. You might find yourself staying up late at night just because you took a nap. You will find yourself going to bed yet you are not sleepy.

In this case you take more hours tossing and turning in bed which is not healthy. It also affects your sleep schedule. Waking up becomes a problem and if you do manage to wake up on time, you feel tired throughout the day.

8. Avoid Using The Snooze Button

how to wake up energized

Choosing to use an alarm clock to wake you up in the morning is one thing may people do, me included.

At times, you just feel like sleeping on, when the alarm goes on and the most people choose to snooze it. It allows you to sleep for a few minutes, but your brain is already aware, it is wake time. Those few minutes you choose to add will not be restful and you end up waking up feeling tired and in most cases with a bad mood.

Try as much as possible to set the alarm exactly when you need to wake up to avoid having a bad day.

There are many other habits that one can adopt such as taking a warm bath before going to sleep, cut off/block noise, organize your bedroom to create a peaceful theme, keep your bed clean, reduce lighting, and much more. Make a point to choose those you feel will work best for you.

Now that you have slept well, do not ruin your day in the morning by having the wrong breakfast. This is the most important meal of the day. Ensure that it is healthy to help you feel energized. The best foods are those rich in fiber and protein. Taking a glass of water and exercising are also an excellent way to start your morning. You can also take an at home fitness or just do anything that makes you feel happy in the morning. Kick start your day at a high note and be sure you will have a day full of energy.

In conclusion I have to say that I have tried out some of these habits and they have truly worked for me. They do not only make you a morning person, but also make your morning less painful and you are set on the right track for an energized and productive day. Read them and try them out for yourself and if you find them helpful, which I am sure they will, share and comment about the article.

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  • Updated April 10, 2017

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