How To Stop Sleep Paralysis For Better Sleep

What Is Sleep Paralysis And How Does It Affect Sleep?

Sleep paralysis is an occurrence when one is not able to speak or move during sleep even when they are conscious or semi-conscious.

Sleep paralysis can last for a few minutes, whereas for the persistent types it can take hours. Although it does not have any medical harm it can lead to sleep problems, anxiety, or psychological distress. One suffering from sleep paralysis is unable to transition from one sleep stage to another.

It can be very disturbing when it goes to the extreme and that is why this article will help you understand how to stop sleep paralysis.

How To Stop Sleep Paralysis With Preventive Strategies

It is important to note that not all the preventative tactics will work universally due to the individual variation. You will need to do some experiments to find out what works for you.

Some of the things you may need are:

  • Sleep schedule
  • Good pillows and mattresses or mattress pads.
  • Sound proofing objects
  • Meditation guides
  • Sleep supplements such as melatonin

Step 1: Know What Exactly Is Causing Your Condition

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It has not yet been established what exactly causes sleep paralysis. It is therefore important to visit a sleep specialist who will determine your case. They will check for neurological conditions, hormones or nutrient deficiencies. Let the doctor tell you if the cause of your sleep paralysis is medical or not. Also consider whether you have been exposed to toxins such as pesticides or heavy metal.

If any of the cases above is the cause, it can be treated to improve your quality of sleep and stop sleep paralysis.

Step 2: Have The Correct Sleep Schedule

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If the medical conditions have been ruled out, the next step is to have the right sleep schedule.

Lack of one has been speculated to be the cause of sleep paralysis. This means that you go to sleep and wake up at different times each day. This fluctuation of sleep and wake times is mostly experienced by those who work shifts.

Having a sleep schedule should be strict and followed to prevent/stop sleep paralysis. It helps the body and brain have a consistent timer on how much sleep it will get and the transition from one phase to another is consistent.

Step 3: Reduce The Chances And Causes Of Sleep Interruption

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Sleep interruptions are known to cause sleep paralysis. This happens especially when the interruptions occur during the REM stages of sleep.

Some of the ways to avoid this is by turning off your phone notifications, blocks external sources of noise as well as light. Make sure your TV is turned off before you sleep. For those who have pets, make sure they will not disturb you in the middle of the night unless it is urgent.

Step 4: Enhance The Quality Of Your Sleep

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A good sleep schedule and minimizing sleep interruptions can prevent/stop sleep paralysis, but there are other tips that can be considered to enhance better sleep. Some of these include:

  • Avoid anything that can cause stimulation before bed: These are things such as cell phones, television, computers or anything that is electronic. It is recommended that you avoid such things 1 to 3 hours before going to bed.
  • Avoid RF-EMF radiation: Sleeping next to a computer, cell phone or Wi-Fi router will definitely affect the quality of your sleep. Turn off the router and put your phone on airplane mode to minimize the effects of radiation.
  • Block out sources of light: Ensure that the room you are sleeping in is dark. Place light-blocking curtains on the windows and shut down anything that can produce light in the room.
  • Get comfortable mattresses and pillows: Consider changing pillows and mattresses that make you feel uncomfortable while sleeping. Or try sleeping on the best sleeper sofa to improve your sleep. Poor sleeping conditions may be the cause of you sleep paralysis.
  • Sleep in a sound proof room: Nothing is worse than being woken up in the middle of your sleep by sudden noise. It interrupts with the rhythm of your sleep. Make sure that the environment you are sleeping in is sound proof or using the best earplugs for sleeping is the easiest way to block noise.

Step 5: Ensure You Have The Right Amount Of Sleep

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Anything that restricts you sleep or deprives you of it can lead to sleep paralysis. It is important to get enough sleep even with quality in mind. It helps to rejuvenate and keep the mind mentally fit. Experts recommend 7 to 9 hours of sleep depending on the type of work.

Step 6: Have The Right Sleeping Position

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Most people who suffer from sleep paralysis ten to sleep on their back. If you find out that this is your case, the best option is to change your sleeping position. You can either sleep on your side or stomach. If you have to sleep on your back, ensure that your spine has a natural curve and your head is propped up.

Step 7: Be Relaxed And Free From Stress Before Going To Sleep

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Stress can also lead to sleep paralysis. Anxieties, depression and traumas can also be the cause. Being stressed affects sleep. Whenever you feel stressed, try to have some minutes of meditation, guided imagery or self-hypnosis before sleeping. Simple activities such as deep breathing can go a long way to stop sleep paralysis.

Step 8: Try Sleep Supplements

The most common of these supplements is melatonin. It is advisable to ask for sleep experts advise on how and when to use them, especially if you are on other medications. Melatonin helps to reset your biological clock for sleep and wake time. It is particularly effective for those who work shifts and those who experience jet-lag.

Step 9: Take Precaution On The Drugs You Use

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Some drugs are known to affect sleep negatively. Many pharmaceuticals, over-the-counter drugs and illicit substances contribute a lot to sleep paralysis. Nicotine, caffeine and alcohol can also lead to sleep paralysis. You may choose to stop using them if you want better sleep. For these using pharmaceutical drugs, it is advisable to talk to your doctor.

Step 10: Manipulating Activity Of The Brain Waves

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This should be done before going to sleep. It can be helpful for certain people. It can be done by listening to certain brainwave entertainment, or electronic stimulation. It is important to research on how to do this as it has some side effects, but using the right brain wave entertainment tones down the brain activities which helps in various sleep stages.


In conclusion, it is important to share with others what has worked for you if you are suffering from recurrent or infrequent sleep paralysis. In the case you have been successful in stopping or reducing sleep paralysis, be free to share with others and also recommend any of the steps above that have helped you. Sleep paralysis is a condition that can be stopped or easily cope with. The important thing is to find out what works for you.

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