Is There Such Thing As Beauty Sleep?

If you’re not getting enough sleep, it’s bound to take a toll on your looks. Numerous scientific studies have confirmed that healthy sleeping habits will help you maintain your youthful appearance. Of course, the opposite is also true: not getting enough sleep can cause wrinkles, fine lines, under eye bags, and age spots. This begs the question; how much sleep is the right amount?

​Find out how you can avoid the effects of poor sleep and get back on track with a good night’s rest.

​How Does Poor Sleep Affect You?

How Does Poor Sleep Affect You

Sleep plays a necessary role in the human system’s functions. While you’re resting, your body renews itself and eliminates unnecessary toxins. When you go into your deepest stages of sleep, all growth hormones peak, stimulating cell and tissue repair for the next day.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, “adults should sleep seven or more hours per night on a regular basis to promote optimal health.”

Getting six or fewer hours has dramatic effects on your physical appearance – not to mention your mental and physical health. But don’t despair if you’ve taken the habit of burning the midnight oil: within two to three weeks of adopting a healthier sleep regimen, you will begin to notice drastic changes in the way you look and feel.

If you are experiencing some of the symptoms below, consider bumping up your bedtime or pushing back your alarm whenever you can.

Wrinkles And Fine Lines

Collagen is the main factor in preventing aging and especially sagging. When your body produces more collagen, the skin is plumper and fights against wrinkles easier. If you're not getting enough rest, the natural production of this protein will decrease. Less than 6 hours of sleep can also dry out your skin, causing twice as many wrinkles.


Drab skin is as a result of poor blood flow, which boosts while you sleep. The more sleep you get, the better chances you have of a lively, rosy complexion.

Puffy Eyes

Everyone has woken up after a terrible night’s sleep and seen the dark circles under their eyes. This is an attribute other people will take notice of as well -- if you’ve ever gotten a comment asking if you’re okay or if you’ve had enough sleep, chances are your under-eye bags are showing. While cosmetic treatments can help remove eye bags, getting the right amount of sleep every night will most likely produce more long-lasting results.

Hair Care

Your skin isn't the only thing affected by a bad sleep routine. Hair damage, breakage, and even hair loss can develop as a result. Much like other beauty and sleep related issues, your hair's nutrients and minerals are gained from the proper blood flow provided while you’re resting. Lastly, cortisol is a hormone that causes hair loss, which can decrease in your system when it is stressed due to things such as a lack of sleep.

Sex Drive

Depriving yourself of beauty sleep can cause extreme stress on the body; causing a decrease in libido and interest in sex. This is usually because your energy is depleted, you're tired, and more tense after a horrible night's sleep.

7 Natural Ways To Fake Beauty Sleep

Here’s what you can do to help stave off the signs of aging caused by sleep deprivation.

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Cleanse, Cleanse, And Cleanse

Keeping your face clean is a way to stay beautiful. Your daily routine should consist of a morning and night beauty regiment tailored to your skin type. Key elements include removing all makeup, washing you face, and moisturizing to lock in hydration. Harsh chemicals can dry out your skin so be sure to buy cleaners will all-natural ingredients.

Use A Sugar Scrub

Sugar scrubs are a natural way to exfoliate your skin, removing all the day’s build up that would otherwise prevent your skin from regenerating at night. There are many DIY options including an equal part combination of coconut oil and sugar, which you then massage into your skin for 10 minutes before washing it off and continuing you daily regimen. It is recommended to use brown sugar for those with sensitive skin. Additionally, hot water can damage the skin therefore you should stick to cold or lukewarm water on a daily basis.

Hydration And Healthy Eating

Dehydration is a major cause of beauty issues. The Mayo Clinic for Medical Education and Research states that although 8 ounces a day is a reasonable goal, women should aim to drink 2.7 litres a day. Stay away from sugary foods and load your plate with fruits and vegetables. These natural foods are loaded with nutritional elements that will ensure healthy and youthful skin.

Reduce Stress

There are many ways of tackling stress – the idea is to pick one at a time and not overwhelm yourself with unrealistic goals. Try exercising, practicing yoga, Pilates, and even meditating to start your stress-free week.

Protect Yourself From The Sun

One of the best ways to stay looking youthful is by safeguarding your skin from the harsh sun. While vitamin D from the sun is an essential element for a healthy lifestyle, over exposure to UV Rays can cause irreversible skin damage. As long as you’re protected by sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses relaxation time in the sun is a great way to reduce stress and even catch up on that hour of sleep you missed the night before.

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