LUCID 16 Inch Plush Memory Foam And Latex Mattress Review

The 16-inch Lucid mattress is soft and comfortable to ensure users enjoy some long and restful sleep. It has a four-layer construction that can take a lot of weight without sinking and it remains comfortable throughout the night. It is also quite breathable, and it comes with a soft rayon/polyester cover that is also removable for easy washing. This mattress is available in six sizes to ensure that you can get one for the bed that you already have at home.

LUCID 16 Inch Plush Memory Foam and Latex Mattress


​Features and Design

  • 4-Layer Design: This 16-inch mattress features a four layer construction.
  • Top Layer: The top layer is a 1-inch bamboo charcoal memory foam, and it is ultra soft to create a luxurious feel, and it also helps to minimize heat retention.
  • 2nd Layer: For the second layer you get a 3-inch memory foam that will provide most of the support, but it still feels soft. This layer is also what provides deep compression support and pressure relief.
  • 3rd Layer: The third layer acts as a transitional support between the base and the two top layers. This 2-inch natural latex also provides an excellent bounce.
  • Bottom Layer: The bottom layer is the thickest of the four, and it is a 10-inch high-density foam that acts as the base for the mattress. It provides shape and also gives it a strong, stable foundation.
  • Cover: The Lucid mattress comes with a super soft cover. This soft and cool cover is a product of a blend of rayon and polyester. Aesthetically, the cover has a bold look that combines blue, green and white shades to create a unique look. It is also removable for easy spot cleaning.
  • Open Cell Tech: This technology will help to prevent lasting body impressions, and so the mattress will remain in the original state for a long time.
  • Sizes: It is available in six different sizes which are the twin, twin XL, full, queen, king and the California king.
  • Warranty: Lucid will back the mattress with a 25-year warranty, and so you can be sure that it is a top notch and durable product.


  • This mattress will always provide ultra plush comfort thanks to the 10-inch support layer.
  • The thickness and material make it perfect for overweight individuals.
  • It has a latex layer to provide extra bounce and prevent you from sinking into the extra firm base.
  • For the cover, you get a super soft and cool blend of polyester and rayon.
  • It will not require a spring box or any particular bed type as you can put it on the floor directly or use a foldable bed base.
  • The 4-layer construction will make it possible for overweight individuals to sleep in any position they like.
  • It is quite affordable given the thickness and quality.
  • You will get a 25-year warranty for this mattress


  • The edge support is quite weak.
  • It will require you to use deep pocket sheets.
  • This mattress is weighty, and so it will be challenging to move around.
  • Although it is breathable, it still retains some heat.


​The Lucid 16-inch memory foam mattress receives a lot of positive feedback from users. Most people love how comfortable and breathable it is and the fact that it can take a lot of weight without sinking. It is a perfect choice for overweight individuals as it allows them to sleep in any position comfortably. Also, the four layer design makes it very durable, and it will be many years before you need to replace it.

​Besides from the mattress being very high quality, the manufacturer also gives it a soft and cool cover that is a blend of polyester and rayon (an extract from bamboo). And on top of all these impressive features is the fact that it is relatively affordable. However, the edge support is not the best, and it still retains some heat. All in all, this is a top notch mattress that will guarantee you some good sleep whether you have in on the floor or a foldable bed base.

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  • Updated October 13, 2017

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