How To Stop Shoulder Pain From Sleeping

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why do my shoulders hurt when I sleep?” Shoulder pain from sleeping - a common problem, which does not only affect the quality of your sleep, but also influences your performance during the day. If you are now dealing with it every morning, this article will bring you a solution to wake up and start a new day energetically.

What Causes Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is just a symptom of an underlying condition and it is not a disease itself. It is important to know the root cause of the pain so that you can get the correct intervention. Below are some of the common causes of shoulder pain.

Unchanging Sleeping Position Every Night

shoulder pain from sleeping

When you constantly sleep on your left or on your right, the pressure on the bones and muscles build up. Because there is no time for the affected body part to rest, it will result in tenderness.

Poor Posture

Bad posture causes different body parts to sore because it stains the bones, ligaments, and muscles. The constant tension on the organ leads to injury or pain.

Frozen Shoulder

​This is a disorder that causes discomfort and stiffness in the shoulder. It starts with pain, followed by intensifying stiffness. It gets worse in time if leaving untreated.

Medical Conditions Such As Osteoarthritis And Fracture

Shoulder pain is one of the symptoms of these diseases. To be free from the discomfort, it is certain that you need to treat the underlying condition.

​What To Do To Prevent Shoulder Pain From Sleeping

The best thing to do is to prevent shoulder pain from happening in the first place. Here are good measures you need to do to protect your shoulders.

Rest Between Activities

Our bodies need frequent rest interval between strenuous activities for recovery. Don’t push your body to more than it can handle.

Rotate Your Sleeping Position

Don’t sleep in just one position. Change it often so that the organs which exert pressure on your bed will have enough time to relax.

Warm Up Before Exercising

Letting cold muscles jump into intense exercise will harm your body. You also won't perform well so always have time for a mild warm up before engaging in heavy sports activity or workout.

Fill Your Diet With Proteins And Vitamins

shoulder pain from sleeping

​Proteins and vitamins are important in building, maintaining, and restoration of muscles. If you have sufficient supply of these nutrients, you will be less susceptible to injury and pain.

​What To Do If You Have Shoulder Pain

​There are ways to soothe your condition or even stop shoulder pain completely. These measures will also prevent your ailment from worsening.

​Use Additional Pillows

You need a pillow with the right size and firmness to give enough support to your shoulders. If it is too thin or too soft, it won’t give enough protection against your bed so you’ll wake up with the pain getting worse. You might not even get enough sleep because of the pain.The right type of pillow eases the pressure from the joint.

Undergo Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is a series of sessions aimed to restore the function of an injured organ. It will also strengthen the muscles and bones to prevent future injury.

Don’t Sleep On Your Front

shoulder pain from sleeping

Lying in a prone position will misalign the shoulder so it won't have a stable position. Lie on your back instead to keep your shoulders stable and aligned.

Have A Good Amount Of Rest

Resting is important for recuperation. However, total bed rest is not encouraged with shoulder pain because a movement is needed for adequate blood flow and faster healing. Rest but do not completely eliminate activities.

Replace The Soft Mattress With A Suitable One

​A super soft mattress will slow down healing or even cause the pain to get worse. It doesn’t give the necessary support and keeps your shoulder unaligned at night.

​Apply Cold Compress

Cold eases sore muscles by constricting blood vessels and numbing nerve fibers. It reduces pain and swelling of newly acquired sprain and strains.Place an ice pack over the painful area for 10 minutes every hour. Reduce the frequency as the pain starts to get better.

Do Some Easy Shoulder Stretches

shoulder pain from sleeping

Just make sure that X-ray confirms the absence of dislocation or fracture before doing stretches. If the X-ray is clear, you are most likely suffering from muscle strain.

Moving your shoulders may be the last thing you want to do. But you have to endure the discomfort if you want to recover faster. Moving promotes the blood flow towards the affected part so natural healing can take its course.


Shoulder pain will disturb your sleep and your daily activities so it's important to avoid it from the beginning. Preventive measures like resting, warming up before exercise, rotating sleeping positions, and a healthy diet will protect you from bone and muscle injuries.Try the measures following to let shoulder pain heal faster. However, if the pain worsens, consult an expert to make sure it is not caused by a medical emergency.

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  • Updated March 31, 2018

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