10 Signs You Are Sleep Deprived

In today's society success at work and at school are the two things that drive most people or what most will dedicate a huge chunk of their time towards accomplishing. There is also family and friends that will require your time and so the 24 hours in a day are almost never enough for all these things. And so in return people will sacrifice their sleep so that they can do other "important" things but this is a terrible mistake.

In fact, sleep deprivation will have more adverse effects on your life than positive ones. But, the problem is that most people will not even realize that they do not sleep enough because they do not know the signs that come with lack of enough sleep. Knowing them is vital if you want to lead a healthy and productive life.

So what are the signs that you are not getting enough sleep?

1. You’re Always Hungry

signs you are sleep deprived

Sleep is vital to the body and the brain, and this is the reason why a human being cannot survive without sleep. If you are not getting enough of it the brain will not get the energy that it needs, and so it will look for alternative ways of meeting the deficit and in most cases, this is through food, and so you will tend to be always hungry. The brain will also induce the production of high amounts of the hunger hormone ghrelin and so you will always have a craving for sugary foods and those rich in fats.

2. Weight Gain

weight gain

It is evident that if you are always feeling hungry and crave sugary and fatty foods, you will put a lot of weight. If the body is tired, you will also want to eat anything that will make you feel comfortable and take away attention from the tiredness. These comfort foods will, in turn, make you put in a lot of pounds fast.

Lack of enough sleep does not just increase the production of ghrelin, but it also suppresses the production of leptin, the hormone that keeps your appetite in check.

3. Falling Asleep Immediately

check in on how your body and mind feels

Most people are happy when they can fall asleep in a couple of minutes. If you are already asleep even before your head hits the pillow this is not a good thing because it is a sign that you are sleep deprived. It is good if you can fall asleep fast but when it takes you only a couple of minutes to get into a deep sleep, then this is a sign that your body needs more rest so that you can get rid of that sleep debt.

4. Decision-Making Troubles

If you find yourself having a lot of trouble managing your projects both at home and at work, then sleep deprivation might be the problem. According to distinct research findings, lack of sleep will affect not only decision-making speed but also your higher cognitive processing capability. And this, in essence, means that if you do not sleep enough simple things such as time management and problem solving will become harder than usual.

5. Troubles With Memory

Deep sleep plays a vital role in memory, and this is because it facilitates critical connections between the nerve cells. The less sleep you get, the fewer the cell connections that will take place between the nerve cells and so you will have a poor memory. REM sleep, on the other hand, is important in the formation and retention of emotional memories. If you find yourself forgetting things this can be a sign that you are not sleeping enough.

6. Out of Control Emotions

reason of jerking while sleep

If you sacrifice your sleep to do other things you should be ready to have your emotions all over the place. Sleep deprivation makes it hard to control your emotions because it interferes with your brain functions in many ways.

You over-reactiveness to the emotional stimuli will mean things that would not affect you in normal circumstances will affect your emotions severely. For example, a simple work project whose deadline is fast approaching may make you sad or provoke other emotions such as anger and anxiety.

7. Falling Sick Often

signs you are sleep deprived

Your immune system is one of the things that suffer most if you do not get enough sleep. Sleep deprivation will interfere with your body's ability to fight infections, and so you will tend to fall sick more often than usual.

Something as simple as a cold or flu is very tough to fight off if you do not get enough rest. Some research findings indicate that someone that sleeps for less than seven hours a night is up to three times more likely to get a cold than one that sleeps for the recommended eight hours.

8. Skin Not Looking Good

When you are sleeping, your skin is busy working to repair any damaged cells, and this is the reason why people with healthy sleep patterns or cycles tend to have amazing skin.

Lack of sleep will affect the repairing process, and so your skin will look awful. You will also have excess wrinkling if you do not get enough rest because of the decreased production of the collagen that the body produces when you are asleep. When you are always too tired due to lack of sleep, you can expect acne to come in full force.

9. You Are Too Clumsy

Some people are just naturally clumsy but failing to sleep enough can also make you ungainlier than usual. Sleep deprivation will interfere with your motor skills and so you might find that you are very unsteady on the feet, or you keep on stumbling when carrying things.

This clumsiness is the body’s way of telling you that you are too tired to focus on simple things such as walking and so you need to take enough rest. It is also important to know that if your concentration and reaction times are lowered life becomes very hard for you.

10. Trouble Seeing

The vision problems that come with sleep deprivation will increase the odds of all types of mishaps including things such as car crashes and falls. Visual distortions and difficulty focusing are characteristic of sleep deprivation and sometimes you may start seeing things that are not there or have a hard time to process peripheral images.

One can never overemphasize the importance of getting enough sleep because this is what will make your body run efficiently. Even if it is impossible for you to sleep for the recommended eight hours at night, you can compensate some of the lost sleep with short naps during the day. However, the bottom line is to ensure that the body gets as much rest as possible.

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  • Updated March 9, 2017

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