Sleeping On The Floor: Is It Good Or Bad For Your Health?

Human beings will spend at least a third of their entire life sleeping. And so how you sleep or where you sleep will affect different aspects of your life including your health. When you think about comfortable sleep, what comes to mind is a thick and firm mattress on top of a large bed. But people did not always sleep in beds.

A few centuries ago most people would sleep on the ground or floor, and many still prefer to do it to date. But before you decide to abandon your comfortable mattress, it is important to know some of the benefits and probable demerits of sleeping on the floor. And also some tips to help you get the best sleep when sleeping on the ground.

Benefits Of Sleeping On The Floor

​1. It Is Good For The Back And Spine

benefits of sleeping on the floor

Although no scientific evidence is available to prove that sleeping on the floor helps the spine and back those that do it seem to agree with this notion. Unlike sleeping on a mattress, your body does not have to conform to any indentations, and so the spine and back will always maintain the right alignment.

The floor is firm, and so there is no way that it can give in to your weight and so you can always be sure that the back and spine will remain straight and maintain their natural alignment.​

​2. Sleeping On The Floor Feels Natural

The human species has been slumbering on the ground in most of the stages of evolution, and so mattresses and beds are a new thing. Sleeping on the floor feels more natural than in beds, and it will also ensure that you maintain a good posture. Mattresses might feel comfortable and cozy but they are unnatural, and they are one of the main reasons why some people suffer from chronic back pain.

​3. It Reduces Stiffness

Sleeping on the ground allows your body to let go of the tensions in the muscles and so you can relax and sleep well. And when you wake up you will not be feeling stiff since you will sleep without tightening up the muscles as the body tries to conform to the indentation on the mattress. Until you start sleeping on the ground, you might not even realize that you have mild stiffness in the morning after snoozing in your comfortable and expensive mattress.

​4. You Can Sleep Well Anywhere

sleeping on the floor

Once you get used to napping on the floor, you can always be confident of getting a good night's sleep. And this is no matter where you are because you will never need a mattress or bed to enjoy some good snooze. Although at first sleeping on the floor might be uncomfortable your body gets used to it after a while.

You will never have to agonize about finding a good place to sleep when you are traveling or away from home because a floor will be all you need. Also, you can visit your friends without inconveniencing them as they will not have to bother with finding a place for you to sleep.​

5. ​It Is Cheap

A bed, mattress and mattress topper plus everything else that you need when sleeping can be very expensive. Sleeping on the ground, on the other hand, does not require much, and in most cases, a yoga mat or futon and something to cover up is all that you need. Also, you will not have to make the bed every morning when you wake up which will save you some precious few minutes.

​Disadvantages Of Sleeping On The Floor

1. It Is Strange

sleep on the floor

Sleeping on the floor might have been common a few centuries ago, but in these modern times, it seems odd or weird. If you sleep on the ground anybody visiting your place will always find it strange as they will not understand why you do it. It can also be inconvenient for your spouse if they do not to sleep on the floor.

2. Not Ideal For People With Certain Conditions

Although sleeping on the floor instead of the bed comes with many advantages it is not for everyone. People suffering from certain ailments or injuries need to sleep in specific positions to help them heal well or to prevent the problem from worsening. These sleep positions might not be possible on the floor, and the hard surface will also not help. And so if you have some broken or dislocated bones the ground might not be the best sleeping place for you.

3. You Can Get Cold Easily

If your house has a hard concrete floor, it might not be a good idea to sleep on the ground directly. Concrete gets cold at night and sleeping on it can have some adverse health consequences. In some cases getting too cold can be a contributing cause of ailments like pneumonia. Also, if you have allergies sleeping on the ground can trigger them because you are more likely to breathe in dust and allergens than when you are sleeping in bed.

Helpful Tips For Sleeping On The Floor

how to sleep on the floor

There are various gains that you can get from sleeping on the floor. However, to ensure that you get most if not all of them and that you sleep well you should keep the following tips in mind.

  • Always have something between your body and the floor, and for this, a cooling mattress topper or Japanese futon is an excellent choice.
  • Wear some medium or thick pajamas and make sure that you cover up with a blanket to avoid getting cold.
  • Sleeping on the back with a thin pillow is always the best position as it will ensure that you get maximum benefits.
  • Carpeted areas of the floor tend to be warmer and more comfortable than the hardwood or tiled sections.
  • Use only one pillow to elevate the neck, head and shoulder to the right level for maximum support.
  • Make sure that the floor is as clean as possible before you sleep because dirty floors will be more harmful than helpful.
  • Always talk to a physician before you start sleeping on the floor so as to be certain that it will not make any preexisting condition worse.

Bottom Line

Once you start sleeping on the floor, you might never want to go back to the bed as it is not only more comfortable but you will also get rid of the back pain and the mild morning stiffness.

However, it is important to make sure that it does not bring about any health problems such as triggering allergies and that you have something between your body and the floor. Also, keeping the tips above in mind will ensure that you get maximum benefits from sleeping on the ground and that you always snooze well.

Once you start sleeping on the floor, you might never want to go back to the bed as it is not only more comfortable but you will also get rid of the back pain and the mild morning stiffness.
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  • Updated July 21, 2018

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