Is Sleeping With The TV On A Good Idea?

Whether you want to catch up on your favorite series or you just can’t sleep, watching TV in the bed with a bed rest pillow always seems like a great idea. But what if you end up sleeping with the TV on? Is sleeping with the TV on a good idea? The 3 points below should expound more on this contentious debate.

It Can Help You Fall Asleep

TV somehow will always make you feel sleepy, and this is regardless of whether you are watching your favorite show or that old and not so interesting movie that you have watched countless times. Watching your favorite show helps you relax and this, in turn, will make you fall asleep a few episodes later. Also, when watching something that is not very interesting, the boredom can also make you feel sleepy.

The concentration that it takes to watch TV also makes you tired. And if you add this to the tiredness that you accumulate throughout the day, then you will always end up sleeping with the TV on whether you are in the living room or bedroom.

The Blue Light Is Terrible

While watching TV can make you feel sleepy, it is not all that good as it will interfere with the amount and quality of sleep that you get. In fact, sleeping with the TV on will mess up with your sleep pattern majorly.

Sleeping with the TV On

The blue light that television sets and most other electronic devices produce messes up with your circadian rhythm which is in charge of sleep and also interferes with the production of melatonin which is a vital sleep-inducing compound.

By interfering with the body's natural sleep rhythm, the blue light will make it harder for you to fall asleep, keep you alert before bedtime and also make it harder for you to enter the deeper stages of sleep which are the most beneficial.

Remember that the body is designed to sleep when it is dark and when the sun comes out or when there is light the receptors in the retina send signals to the brain that it is time to wake. And so the blue light the TV emits when you leave it on will confuse the body's internal mechanism and lead to short and low quality sleep cycles.

It Can Be Distracting

Nothing is more annoying than waking up to the loud sound of action from the TV. And it is even more annoying when you have to interfere with your sleep as you have to wake up and switch off the television. If you sleep with the TV on this is a very likely situation. What makes this bad for your sleep is that it lead to sleep fragmentation.

Hence, you end up dividing your sleep into several low-quality sessions. Also, if you have to wake up to switch off the TV or reduce the volume you are less likely to enter into the deep REM sleep, which is usually more restorative and beneficial to the body.

Bottom Line

Sleeping with the TV on is a terrible idea. Well, it is true that watching a few episodes of your favorite show can help to relax your brain and make you feel sleepy.

However, the quality of sleep that you get with the TV on is low and you will probably wake up feeling tired, and you will not have the energy you need to face the day.

Also, it can lead to sleep fragmentation, and there is also some research findings that suggest that sleeping with you TV on can increase the likelihood of going into a depression.

Therefore, the bottom line is that if you must watch the TV in the bedroom, you should always remember to switch it off when you sleep or start getting sleepy.


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