Top Tips For Cleaning A Bed Mattress

When it comes to cleaning your bedroom, you may not have realised but the mattress you’re sleeping on should not be neglected. If left uncleaned for long periods of time, bacteria and mould can build upon the mattress and cause an uncomfortable (and smelly!) sleep.

​In this article, we’ve shared the top tips for how to clean a mattress, along with the techniques that will ensure your bed is a comfortable place to rest:

How To Get Stains Out Of A Mattress

Cleaning A Bed Mattress

Unfortunately, mattresses are prone to staining. This can happen when you’re eating or drinking in bed. However, stains can also develop from vomit, sweat, urine or blood that have absorbed into the material.

​You should attempt to remove any liquid marks as soon as they’re spotted, to prevent further staining. Start by blotting and softly pressing the area with a damp cloth to absorb excess liquid.

​If you’ve spilt food in bed, you can clean the mattress stains by making a baking soda, salt and water paste and rubbing it onto the material before allowing it to dry.

​Vacuuming Your Mattress

Tips For Cleaning A Bed Mattress

If you’re looking to maintain the high quality of your new mattress, you should vacuum the surface regularly to remove dead skin cells and bacteria.

​Considering that millions of bacterial cells can spawn over just one night, you should make vacuuming your mattress a regular task.

​Why Does My Mattress Smell?

​If you’ve noticed that your mattress has developed an odour, youcan clean and deodorise the area by sifting baking powder onto the surface and leaving it to absorb for 30 minutes before vacuuming again.

Not only will this help to keep your mattress clean, you’ll also be able to get rid of any nasty scents coming from your bed.

​Mattress Maintenance Tips

​Along with cleaning your mattress regularly to remove bacteria, there are a handful of ways in which you can ensure thelongevity of your mattressand enable you to keep sleeping comfortably. These include:

​Flipping Your Mattress

​Every so often, you should flip or rotate your mattress to prevent sagging in the areas you repeatedly sleep on. Not only does this help to prolong its life, but uneven pressure spots are avoided to help you sleep comfortably and ensure your body is fully supported throughout rest.

​Use A Mattress Protector

healthy sleep habits

If your mattress is under warranty, you may not be able to replace the mattress if it has been stained. For this reason, you may want to consider using a mattress protector to maintain the condition of your bed.

If you use a protector, cleaning the mattress will be much easier as it won’t contain anywhere near as much bacteria or dirt and is less likely to be damaged by stains.Remember to wash your mattress protector regularly to keep it bacteria free.

If you find that your mattress is badly stained or has become misshapen, you may want to invest in a new one to help you get a good night’s rest. It is a good idea to shop around to find one that provides the right level of support to suit you. You could even buy a custom-made mattress which is created to the exact size, shape and thickness that suits you, so that you can enjoy sleeping soundly night after night!

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