Ultimate Guide To Buy The Noise Cancelling Headphones

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There is no doubt that technological advancements have taken wireless headsets to another level. Some of these features actually provide immense comfort to the user and make professional tasks much easier. One of these features is noise cancellation. Today, you would rarely come across a potential buyer who would want to buy a headset that does not have a proper feature of noise cancellation.

​What Is Noise Cancellation?

​If you are someone who plans to buy a good headset for work or for using at home, you should know about noise cancellation. When a headset has a noise cancellation feature, it simply means that its users would not get disturbed by background sounds. Noise cancellation is a process through which background sounds are blocked and users are able to communicate freely without getting disturbed by them.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

​For example, consider that you are on your way to office and you get an important call from your boss. Dropping professional calls does not create a positive impression in anyway. Thus, it is good not to avoid them until there is an emergency.

If you are driving, there would be traffic on the road and you would not be able to hear the voice of the caller. This is where noise cancellation comes into play. Noise cancelling headphones block background sounds so that calls do not get disrupted due to people talking in the background, traffic noises or any other sound.

​Another example where you may need noise cancelling headphones may be a VOIP based meeting as a software developer. Software companies usually have a loud environment that cannot be termed as calm in anyway. However, when you are communicating with a client, it is important that the environment is peaceful in every way.

As a software professional, if you want to have a meeting session with a client, you cannot concentrate if you have noises in the background. Thus, is essential that you have a headphone with noise cancellation feature. This feature would block sounds in the background and help you in concentrating on your call with the client.

The customer support industry is one of the biggest industries using headsets on day to day basis. Their jobs require them to take several calls each day and entertain customer queries. This proves to be a challenging task specially because they work in a noisy environment and there are a lot of sounds in the background.

For these professionals, it is absolutely mandatory to have a wireless headphone with noise cancellation option. If they do not have a hearing device with this option, they would find it impossible to hear the voice of the incoming caller. On the other hand, if they have high standard noise cancelling headphones, they would be able to entertain customer calls with proper clarity.

Types Of Noise Cancellation

Noise Cancelling Headphones

​On a broad scale, noise cancellation can be categorized into two types.

Active Noise Cancellation

​Active noise cancellation is not provided through the headset only. It is provided through a technological feature.

For instance, if there is a loud noise that can prove to be disturbing, it would be blocked by generating an anti-noise which would act as a cancellation parameter for the incoming noise. As a result of this cancellation, the user would not get disturbed by the incoming sound.

This type of noise cancellation is not used with loud sounds. It combats light but penetrating sound like a running fan or a humming sound. Such sounds can also prove to be disturbing apart from the loud ones. Active noise cancellation is required even if you are listening to your favorite radio show using your headset.

If you have a fan running over your head, you would not be able to hear the dialogues of the show due to the sound of the fan. Quality noise cancelling headphones do have active noise cancelling features and block these soft penetrating sounds without any problem. Some of the brands which you can consider to purchase such headphones include Plantronics and Jabra.

Passive Noise Cancellation

​Passive noise cancellation is required when loud sounds need to blocked. This is when the speakers of the hearing device block the background sounds. On the best standard headsets block loud environmental sounds in the best way.

When do you need passive noise cancellation options? This form of noise cancellation is needed when the sounds in the background are loud.

For instance, people who work in the stock market need to perform their professional tasks in a very noise environment. These professionals need to take calls during the whole day and they have various other people talking around them in a loud voice. To combat this noise, they need to use noise cancelling headphones so that background sounds do not disturb them in anyway.

​Whether you talk about active noise cancellation or passive noise cancellation, you can put an end to sounds in the background; a dependable headset is what you need. It is hard to communicate peacefully if you are present in a noisy environment.

Even if you are at home and there is noise in the background, you would need a hearing device that would block this noise. Particularly, when you are at work and you need to take an important call and the environment around you is calm, it would be hard to concentrate on the call.

​For both official and personal usage, you should have a headset that has state of the art noise cancellation options.

In addition to that, you need to be careful when you are looking at options for wireless devices. Do not trust a brand completely and purchase a device. Only opt for reputed brands so that there are no problems while the device.

Customers should opt for high standard companies like Plantronics and Jabra which have been producing hearing devices for a long time. These companies provide a proper product warranty with their devices so that customers can get the devices repaired if they come across any issue.

You can only trust high standard established companies like Plantronics and Jabra for the best headset. Most other companies only talk about providing a device with noise cancellation. Once you start using it, you would figure out that none of the background sounds are getting blocked. Thus, opt for reliable and reputed headset companies only.

​Key Benefits Of Noise Cancelling Headphones

​These headphones with noise cancellation features are not recommended without a reason. A user can attain several benefits by using these devices. Headphones that have noise cancellation options can prove to be beneficial for both personal and professional purposes.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

When you are working in an official environment, your efficiency is measured on the basis of several factors. These factors vary from one profession to the other. Some professions use headsets to perform key duties at work.

One of these professions is customer support. Customer support agents are responsible to entertain queries from customers by listening to them through calls. If these professionals are unable to hear the voice of the incoming caller with clarity, they would be unable to understand their query and entertain it in the correct manner. The environment for customer support departments is mostly noisy as there are several professionals answering numerous calls that come their way.

​Noise cancelling headphones are essential if you are working as a customer support professional. Whether you are working as an inbound agent who provides support or an outbound agent who makes calls for marketing purposes, it is necessary for you to have a clear communication with the customer.

This is only possible if you have a high standard headset that can block environmental sounds in a perfect manner. Headphones with noise cancellation features prove to beneficial for custom support professionals and help them in performing better on a professional scale. This is because, with these devices, you can have a smooth conversation without any form of interference.

Another profession where noise cancelling headphones are important is stock trading. Stock traders go through an exhaustive work schedule on daily basis and for most of the day; these professionals make calls and receive them.

In addition to that, the stock market can easily be termed as one of the noisy workplaces. There are several people conversing with each other and a lot of traders communicating on calls.

​For stock traders, it is impossible to hear what the caller is saying if they get disturbed by background sounds. This is only possible if they are using a hearing device that prevents these sounds from entering the ear. Hearing devices with noise cancellation options prove to be very beneficial for stock traders. In the noisy working environment, these noises help them in communicating smoothly.

​Insurance professionals also have a similar work schedule to that of stock traders. They get a lot of calls from policyholders and also have to make a large number of calls to communicate with potential customers. These professionals do not handle these calls in a perfectly peaceful environment. They need to entertain customers even when they are on the move or present in a busy place.

To take calls in an environment that is not calm, a headset with proper noise cancellation ability is needed. For insurance professionals, noise cancelling headsets that have an “on the ear” design are preferable. This is because these professionals need to move about while conversing and it is hard for them to use any other wearing style for the headset.

​Using noise cancelling headphones for personal purposes

​These headphones that block sounds in the background for listening in a better manner are not used for professional phones. Headphones with noise cancellation features are used for personal purposes as well. Gamers in particular need headphones with exceptional noise cancellation features. This is because if there are sounds in the background, the dialogues of characters and other related sounds cannot be properly.

​Factors To Buy The Correct Headphone With Noise Cancellation

​If you search online for wireless headphones that have noise cancellation features, countless options would be displayed on your computer screen. No one has the time to go through so many options and filter the correct option out. Even otherwise, this is not a logical process.

​Secondly, most headset companies that make unbelievably good offers cannot be trusted. Thus, do not get attracted by very low prices or other claims which sound good to be true. It is always better to consider a reputed brand to buy a hearing device. Here are some factors which you should take into account when you are making a purchase.

noise cancelling headphones

Brand Reputation

The reputation of the brand makes a serious difference. On its own website, a company may boast to be the best headset firm. Facts mostly point in the opposite direction. A lot of companies that promise to sell headsets with unbelievably good noise cancellation facilities are only there to make a fool out of you. Thus, before you select a company, you should get a confirmation about the reputation that it has.

Checking the reviews given on search engines is one way to go about it. If you figure out that most customers are not happy with what the company has delivered, you can reach the conclusion that you should seek better headset companies. Along with that, the experience of the company should also be one factor that needs to be taken into account to take the correct decision. If a company is new and a lot of people do not even know about it, buying a headset from the company is quite a risky move.

Two top rated companies that have a huge clientele and deal in the best headsets with quality noise cancellation options are Plantronics and Jabra. These companies have an immensely positive reputation and maintain a very trustworthy relation with their customers.

Features Offered

Noise cancellation is advanced feature and most headset companies simply talk about offering it. Do not trust a headset company until you have gone through the features properly. Reputed brands like Plantronics and Jabra undoubtedly have the best advanced features including quality noise cancellation options.

If you are using a headset by one of these companies, you can simply forget about any background sounds disturbing you in any manner. However, if you are opting for a brand that that is less experienced and people have not heard a lot of about it, you should seek better options.

Do not build trust on a headset company which makes claims to provide incredible noise cancellation options. Talk to people and discuss the features which the particular company is offering before you take a decision.

Standard Of Noise Cancellation Offered

A headset having noise cancellation feature and one having a quality noise cancellation are quite different. Before you reach the conclusion that a headset is offering the best noise cancellation options, you should do some research work for it. This can be done by going through how people have rated the device through search engine results. If most people have not given a positive feedback about the standard of services, it simply means that you need to seek better options.

Every headset company that deals in wireless hearing devices does promise to offer the best noise cancellation options.

If the company is not relatively well known, you can only know about the standard of noise cancellation options when you start using the device. In other words, considering one of these unknown companies can prove to be quite risky and you may end up with a device that does not block any sound at all.

Other than that, most of these brands apply hidden charges where the customer has to make additional payments to get the device delivered. You cannot expect reputed companies like Plantronics and Jabra to create such problems. These companies offer the most dependable headsets that have highly impressive noise cancellation features.

Dependable Product Warranty

If a headset company is professional, it would offer a proper authentic warranty with its products. On the other hand, if you are not getting a proper warranty as a customer, you should not even consider the company even if you are getting the headset for free.

A product warranty is a mandatory constituent as it helps you in getting back to the company if any of the features do not work. For instance, if you figure out that the noise cancellation option is not working properly, you should be able to get back to the headset company and get the repair job done. This is only possible if the company has provided you with a product warranty.

Plantronics and Jabra are two exceptional headset brands that provide the customer with a proper warranty for each of the devices.

If the headset has any issue or any of the features is not up to the mark, you can contact the customer support department and get the best assistance in this relation. Both these companies have dedicated customer support teams which work with a very serious approach to ensure that customer complaints are dealt properly.

Customer Support Provided

Selecting a headset company is not about buying a device that blocks background sounds. There are other areas which you need to look into and one of the areas is customer support.

Once you start using the device, you have questions in your mind due to which you may need to get in touch with the customer support department of the company. You can only get the correct support if the headset company has a professional dedicated support team.

Unfortunately, this is not the case with most companies. Most headset brands are only about talking. You can even check the standard of customer support before you actually purchase the device. If you have a query, you can get in touch with the support team by sending an email.

If the support team takes a long time to respond, you can reach the conclusion that it is not efficient and you would have to go through a tough time while getting assistance.

If you talk about headset companies that have a dependable customer support team, Plantronics and Jabra would prove to be the best options which you can look. Both these brands have highly experienced support teams.

These support professionals give the highest possible priority to customer complaints and resolve them in the quickest possible time span. In other words, as a customer, you would not have to go through any unnecessary delays.

The Best Headsets With Noise Cancellation Options Which You Can Count On

​Buying a wireless headset should not be a random decision in any manner. You need to be sure about the brand that you plan to hire. Along with that, you should check the features of the headset before you make a decision about buying it. The best headsets that have exceptional noise cancellation features have been produced by Jabra and Plantronics.

​Some of them which you can consider are listed below

Plantronics CS520

​The Plantronics CS520 is one of the best wireless headsets which are being used by some of the top rated corporate professionals. Apart from the other benefits that it has, the device has one of the best noise cancellation options.

This is one of the key reasons due to which it is used by customer support professionals and people who work as insurance agents. The device simply blocks all kinds of noises that are present in the environment.

If you are working as a customer assistance professional, stock trader, insurance professional, remote software developer or trainer, the CS520 is one of the more dependable in terms of noise cancellation and other related features as well.

Plantronics Savi 440

​This is another state of the art wireless headset highly recommended for official and personal use. Whether you are standing in the middle of a busy market or walking on a crowded street and if you are wearing a Savi 440, you would not even feel that someone is standing around you and talking. Due to the exceptional noise cancellation feature that it has, even the loudest sounds would not disturb you.

​It is one of the best options for client assistance executives and remote software programmers who need to communicate with clients and hold meeting sessions with them regularly. Since all kinds of background sounds are blocked, working employees can communicate with their customers in a comfortable and uninterrupted manner. If you want to communicate comfortably at your workplace without facing any disturbance, this is one of the best headset options which you can consider.

Plantronics CS510

​The CS510 by Plantronics is equipped with an impressive battery span of 9 hours and a completely dependable noise cancellation facility.

This headset is preferred by customer support personnel in particular who need to get involved in important professional conversations while working in a noisy environment.

The CS510 is commendable when it comes to noise cancellation. Even if someone is shouting at the top of his voice while standing at few feet from you, you would not hear anything.

​For customer support personnel, the communication that takes place with the customers is extremely important. They cannot afford to get this communication disturbed by background sounds and environmental noises. Thus, they have to pick a wireless hearing device which they can depend on without any doubt. The CS510 is one of the few headsets that actually fulfill this requirement.

Plantronics Savi 410

​The Savi Series of wireless headsets by Plantronics is preferred by customers due to a lot of reasons including the exceptional noise cancellation quality. If you are using this device, background sounds would not disturb you in any manner. This is because all these sounds would be blocked.

The Savi 410 surely has one of the finest noise cancellation features. This feature works perfectly even if you are present in an extremely noisy environment. The Savi 440 is used at both work and office by users.

Does it have a noise cancellation option which the user can count on? The answer to this question is yes. You can surely count on the Savi 410 in relation to noise cancellation and simply forget about any disturbance due to noises in the environment. It is a highly recommended hearing device for professional purposes.

​The Savi 410 is used by different kinds of professionals including customer support personnel, people related to the brokerage industry, software professionals and line managers. If taking calls in noisy environments a professional requirement for you, the Savi 410 should undoubtedly prove to be a suitable hearing device.

Plantronics CS530

​Like all other Plantronics wireless headsets, the CS530 is a headset with amazing noise cancellation options. Irrespective of how noisy your environment is, you would be able to listen to an incoming call with 100% clarity. When a person is at work, he needs to go through various telephone calls. At times, you may not be present in a calm environment but this does not mean that you can ignore official calls.

​You can handle official calls in a noisy environment without any problem if you have a professional headset with state of the art noise cancellation feature. The CS530 blocks background sounds in a complete manner.

Consider that you are the line manager of a company that has its office in a noisy environment. Line managers need to communicate with their team members through calls. In noisy environments, line managers can only have clear communication if they have a headset that blocks background noises. The CS530 can be used for communicating in the noisiest of environments.

Even if someone is drilling in the wall at a distance of one foot from you and you are a CS530 user, you would not hear any noise. Plantronics is one of the most dependable headset companies and the devices that it produces simply stands out in terms of quality.

Plantronics MS260

​Plantronics deals in high quality wireless headsets that are meant for aviation professionals. The MS260 is one of the proficient devices that have been produced for the aviation industry. Noise cancellation is among one of the many quality features you can get from the M260.

Aviation professionals cannot afford to have even the slightest problems with their headsets. They cannot opt for any hearing device that provides nothing less than exceptional sound quality. The MS260 headset has been designed for professional pilots. It blocks the worst sounds including the environmental noises at the airport.

In terms of voice clarity, noise cancellation and other quality features, it is quite hard to find a company that is as good as Plantronics.

Jabra Evolve 80

​When you talk about the best wireless headsets with amazing noise cancellation options, you would surely find the Jabra Evolve 80 among the top ranks. This wireless headset has both active noise cancellation and passive noise cancellation features. Active noise cancellation feature comes into play when soft sounds like a mid-level beep prove to be disturbing. Similarly, passive noise cancellation features are used when you get disturbed by loud frequencies.

​On a professional scale, the Jabra Evolve 80 is one of the best options that you can look at. Whether you are a customer support professional, team lead, insurance professional or someone who is seeking a quality wireless headset for professional duties, the Jabra Evolve 80 is an exceptional hearing device which you can count on. Getting disturbed by background sounds is simply out of the question when you are using this device.

​When you talk about buying noise cancelling headsets, it is important to find the best devices which you can get your hands on. Particularly, if you are seeking a device that needs to be used at work, do not compromise on the quality in anyway. Opt for a branded device so that you do not have to go through any issues related to the features of the headset. Going for an unbranded device may prove to be cost effective for you but simply disappointing in terms of quality.

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