5 Clever Ways To Take Care Of Your Skin Before Going To Bed

We all want to look beautiful before we go out the door in the morning. That’s why morning skincare seems natural. Many of us are ready to wake up earlier in order to give our skin some extra care in the morning but most of us tend to forget about it before going to bed. After all, who sees our skin in the dark anyway?

​Failing to pamper your skin in the evening can lead to unfortunate consequences in the morning. So no matter how tired you are, find a couple of minutes to take care of your skin before going to be. Here are a few tips to help you set up the routine.

​1. A Cleanser Washes Away The Day

night face wash

​If you didn’t know that going to bed with your makeup on is a faux pas, now you do. However, most women don’t realize that even if they don’t have any makeup on, a cleanser is a must.

​Makeup can clog your pores but so can the dirt that settles on your face when you are walking down the street. That’s why a good facial cleanser should always be on your “to use” list in the evening.

​You can forget to take a shower or brush your teeth to avoid sleeping with tooth pain at night, but never forget to wash your face. Avoiding a good cleansing session in the evening may lead to terrible skin appearance in the morning. Not convinced? Here is what professionals have to say about skin cleansing.

2. Eye Cream Brightens Up Your Gaze

care your eyes before bed

​Are you a big fan of puffy eyes and dark circles? If not, think about applying an eye cream. If you are one of those women who use one moisturizer for the whole face, you might be missing something.

​The skin around our eyes is sensitive and requires special care. It’s the first one to let the youthfulness go since it’s drier than the rest of our faces. Meanwhile, it’s more prone to various environmental factors.

​A special eye cream can nourish the skin around your eyes and help you look fresh in the morning. If you haven’t noticed before, pay attention to how your eyes affect your overall appearance.

3. Serum Nourishes Your Skin During The Night

best nighttime skin care routine

​If you are not a big fan of thorough skincare in the morning, allow your skin to enjoy the nourishment during the night. The serums contain a huge amount of various ingredients that help your skin fight wrinkles, get enough moisturizing, and even stimulate the production of collagen.

​You can apply the serum after your wash your face and before you use your favorite moisturizer. Take some time choosing the perfect serum depending on the skin type and your goals.

4. A Moisturizer Hydrates Your Skin While You Sleep

night time facial routine

​It’s hard to overlook the importance of a good moisturizer for your skin. Since there are thousands of them to choose from, it might take you some trial and error sessions to get the right one for your skin.

​Even if you are out of time, you can’t forget about moisturizing your face, hands, and feet in the evening. In fact, the more areas of your body you use the moisturizer on, the more fresh and beautiful you will look in the morning.

​No matter how old you are, your skin is screaming for moisturizing. It’s rather cruel not to indulge it. Dehydrated skin ages faster. It’s more prone to inflammations and wrinkles. Dry skin burns easier when you are out in the sun. Try to do all you can to avoid skin dryness.

5. Potent Lip Balm Works Well During The Night

night time facial routine

​You took care of your face, hands, feet, and even elbows, but did you forget about the lips? Many women either apply the same moisturizer they use for their faces or forget about their lips altogether. Meanwhile, your mouth is one of the first things people pay attention to during a conversation.

​The skin on your lips is even more delicate than around your eyes. Dry and chapped lips are a disaster when you try to put the lipstick on. Try to keep your lips soft and moisturized by choosing an effective lip balm.

While you are setting up your perfect evening skin care routine, take a look at the mistakes you should be trying to avoid.

  • When cleansing your skin, avoid extensive rubbing. Some women go too far when trying to remove makeup which just doesn’t want to come off. Choosing the right makeup with these BeautyShortcutips can help you avoid lengthy makeup removal sessions.
  • If you are a fan of makeup wipes, don’t ask why you’ve got all these zits and inflammations. Makeup wipes are quick fix solution that you can use in emergencies. They shouldn’t become part of your skin care routine.
  • When you are taking care of your face before going to bed, you probably don’t pay any attention to your neck. Bad idea! Your neck needs cleansing, nourishing, and moisturizing just as much as your face does. The skin on your neck is often the first one to lose the aging battle.
  • If you forgot to take a facial cleanser to the shower, don’t even think about using regular soap to clean your face. Harsh ingredients can damage your skin and leave it dehydrated.
  • Even though facial masks can take a while to apply (some of them need to stay on for more than 30 minutes), their advantages can’t be overlooked. Mask is a big bonus remedy for your problem skin. Use it.


Setting up an evening skincare routine is easy. It’s a little harder to find the right products. However, a few minutes of research and a few weeks of trial and error are worth the effect you can see on your skin.

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