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Our goal and mission at g9sleeptight.com are to help others identify the sleep problems that might be keeping them awake and different remedies and solutions they can use to solve them. We are now accepting posts from individuals that can help us with this mission and are passionate about helping others with their sleep problems.

Our readers are always looking forward to learning new things about sleep and how to get the best of it and so we would like to hear what you have to contribute. Also, by writing for us, you will get a chance to speak to thousands of readers and share your views and ideas.

Posting Guidelines​

Before you write for us, there are some simple guidelines that you need to adhere to so as to make sure that your piece is suitable for our site and readers.

1. Be Original​

Nobody likes to read the same article over and over again because it does not add a lot of value. And so it is important to make sure that whatever you write for us is fresh and original and that you have not and will not publish it anywhere else.

The message that you provide in your article should add some value for our readers by giving them information that can help them. Since our site is all about sleep, we only accept articles on sleep-related topics such as:

However, we do not restrict you to specific topics, and so you can write on almost anything that is related to sleep. Also, we can accept overlapping topics as long as you can demonstrate how they relate to sleep. But, regardless of the topic that you choose to write, make sure that you make the piece interesting so that our readers will want to read it and share with others.​

3. Article Length​

We are not very strict about word count, but we prefer that you make the piece at least 1000 words long. Although it is possible to tell your story in fewer words, from our experience, we think that about thousand words give you enough room to share your ideas without having to summarize or leave anything out.

But, you are free to make the article longer than this as long as you keep it informative and within the topic. Also, make sure that you divide it into small paragraphs because large blocks of words always make the post look longer than it is and this can discourage our readers from reading your piece.​

4. No Sales Pitches​

It is only natural for anyone to try to promote any products that they might be selling at every opportunity they get. However, at g9sleeptight.com we do not accept sales pitch and similar content.

We do not accept any guest posts that are commercial in nature, and we instead prefer informative content that adds some value to our readers and not just try to convince them to buy things that they might not need. And so as much as we understand and respect your need to promote your products we do not accept this writing style or type on our site.​

5. References​

If you make any scientific claims, it is important to ensure that they are credible. And to ensure this, we require you to include references to the source of the information or original study. Also, make sure that any references that you include on your piece are from credible and reputable sources because this is the only way to make sure that it is reliable information.

6. Publication​

We reserve the right to reject, edit or publish any article that you write for us. Also, any post that we publish on our site remains the property of g9sleeptight.com. 

Pitches can be emailed to janecollins dot g9sleeptight at gmail dot com.


I am Jane Collins, a Founder and a Main Editor of g9sleeptight.com. I decided to create this site to share my knowledge, guides and tips to help you to have a good night's sleep.

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