Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress Review

When you get this mattress, it is in a smaller box than what you would expect, and the chances are that you might end up thinking that you made the wrong order. However, the smaller box is a result of an innovative shipping technology that entails rolling and compressing the mattress.

Once you get over the smart packaging, the other element that will draw you attention is the soft and spongy feel. Despite being soft to the touch, this mattress is still firm enough for overweight people thanks to the 4-layer technology. It also features a green tea infusion, pressure-relieving comfort, excellent edge-support and temperature regulation all of which are vital for a restful and comfortable sleep for overweight individuals.

Features and Benefits

Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress

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  • 4-Layer Technology: This mattress features several layers of foam to increase the density to make sure that it can take up a lot of weight. The layers are the 3” memory foam at the top, 2” comfort foam, 3.5” high-density foam and the 3.5” high-density foam that acts as the support base. These different layers combine to ensure that the mattress will not sink when overweight people lay on it.
  • Green Tea Extract Infusion: Although everybody sweats when sleeping, overweight individuals tend to sweat a lot which can interfere with their sleep. But with this mattress, this should not be an issue thanks to the green tea infusion that creates a healthy sleep environment by retarding odor and bacteria.
  • Edge-Support: Most heavy people may need to sit on the edge to get in or out of bed. And so in most cases, the edges of their mattress tend to sink or wear and hence making it uncomfortable. This Zinus mattress has some great foam material around the edge to create a strong supportedge.
  • Temperature Regulation: The knitted jacquard fabric cover will adapt to your skin temperature to ensure that the mattress is not too hot or cold. And so you will always be sure of getting perfect temperature for sleep.


  • The natural green tea extract infusion helps to keep the bed fresh.
  • It uses high-quality foam with CertiPUR-US certification for maximum durability.
  • The firmness is ideal for both side and stomach sleepers.
  • It offers excellent overall support and edge support.
  • There is minimal off-gassing with this mattress.
  • You can be sure of remaining cool throughout the night thanks to the excellent heat regulation.
  • Despite the thickness, this mattress is still light and easy to move around.


  • It can be too soft for some back sleepers.
  • You will need a big space for the mattress to expand when you unpack it.


The best mattress for heavy people is one that not only offers great support but is also breathable enough to keep them cool as they sleep. The Zinus Memory Foam mattress offers all this and much more and it will be an excellent choice for overweight individuals that prefer to sleep on the side and stomach. With this mattress, you can always be sure of great edge and overall support for some good night's sleep and you will never wake up with sore muscles or back and neck pain.

​A mattress is one of those one-off items that you only buy once in a long time and so you cannot afford to go wrong with your selection. Although this Zinus one also has a few shortcomings like the extra softness for back sleepers, it will still offer great support for heavy people, and it will be many years before you need to buy a replacement. And so the bottom line is that it is a good buy for overweight individuals.

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  • Updated October 13, 2017

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